Fit Bride, Amber // Before & After My First 5k

AmberProfileI'm a Color Runner! I can't believe it!  The night before the race: 

As I get ready to embark on my first 5k, I realize I am really nervous! I have never run more then a mile and I swear that was back in high school. I may have walked/run on a treadmill for more than a mile but it took quite some time! I know the Color Run is supposed to be fun, it's at the national harbor and will definitely be pretty, but the issue is: I DON’T RUN!

I knew this run was coming but I had talked to a few people running with me and they said they weren’t doing any intense training. (Sure, they may be smaller then me but I have been working out.) Everyday I take at least 30 minutes to do something active. (Sure it's more cardio and kickboxing than running, but my heart knows how to pump! My muscles know how to work!) But run? I just don’t know! We will find out! At least for now I am excited to have a good dinner, get in bed early, and hit the ground running in the morning. LITERALLY! LOL.

After the 5K:

Right before the race I was definitely nervous (read above!) - Sara and I discussed arriving almost 2 hours early and she had all these tidbits on what I should wear/bring… things got serious! The night before I barely slept. Lol! I woke up at 6am, got my game face on, did some stretching (my hubby suggested I start early!) and got in the car to head to the event! Once I arrived I INSTANTLY felt better! I saw so many different people of different ages, weights, fitness levels. Plus, most of the people were dressed in tutu’s or something colorful and fun so the mood was very light! There was no seriousness or super stretching that made me feel my performance would DEFINITELY be inadequate! They gave us tattoos and headbands and that got me in the spirit to have tons of fun! Yay - it's here! My first 5k! 

Color Run

When we got ready to get in the line there were tons of people there. We had just met up with our team of ladies developed on Facebook so the 30 minutes in line was spent taking lots of selfies to show we were AMPED for the run!

Color Run

Once we got to the start line my nerves crept in a little bit because while I knew walking was appropriate, I also knew that the ladies in my group would want to TRY and run the whole thing and I wanted to try and prove it to myself as well!

So, we start and we are running and I am OK! When the first few start to walk I felt good that my lungs were still cooperating and I could keep running! At this point, I found my running buddy -- Michelle; pictured pre-race below -- and was able to keep with her for most of the rest of the time! It was really great because we ended up making different little goals for ourselves -- we would start running at a certain sign and walk through certain color stations. We had a rhythm going (and I was really running)!

Color Run_Amber

Actually, harder than the running was getting used to having the powdered paint thrown at me! I know next time I do it to bring a towel or something for my eyes because wearing contacts and having dust fly in them constantly is not a good look! I also thought there were going to be mile markers or something that let me know where we were. It wasn’t until I saw the finish line that I realized I had actually run 3 miles! My running buddy and I pushed ourselves through to the end of the race and it was so rewarding to finish! I felt fit, I felt in great shape, and I didn’t want to die! I wanted to take a shower and throw away my contacts but physically, I felt great! Suns out, guns out! :)

Color Run-1

My overall impression of the Color Run is that it was a lot of fun! Doing it with a group of friends definitely helped with the lead up excitement, having a more experienced runner (Sara) definitely helped me to have some insight into what I was going to experience, and having a running buddy was awesome because she helped motivate me at times when I probably would have just kept walking!

Color Run-2

My overall impression of my first 5K is that IT'S NOT THAT BAD!

It wasn’t as long or as tiring as I had originally thought. I finished the whole thing in 38 minutes and probably 85% of that was running!

I never thought of myself as an active person but this really helped me to think about how I need to broaden my horizons. I need to try things that look scary because they probably aren’t. My weight loss has changed my life by making me healthier. I can do more then I did before and that is so rewarding! I might not be at my goal weight, but all in all I am healthier! Healthy enough to do a 5K where before I wouldn’t have thought that! God is good!