Favorite Costco Buys

On Instagram, you might have seen that I had another--what I call--epic meal prep this weekend. I cut and packaged several healthy snacks, such as celery and cauliflower. I prepped several meals-- cut bell peppers for crockpot fajitas and made (and froze) a veggie lasagna. I also hard boiled close to a dozen eggs and made zucchini tots...

But before all that, I went to Costco...

I just became a Costco member this year, but I honestly don't remember life before then! Haha. (No, they aren't paying me for this post; I'm just a fan!) I go to Costco to buy several go-to meal prep items and wouldn't think to purchase them anywhere else-- because of both price and quality.


Here's a look at some of my favorite Costco buys:

Yum, raw almonds! THREE POUNDS of raw almonds! I break them down into Ziplocs of 12 almonds and put them everywhere-- my car, work; they're a great go-to snack when I feel famished but don't have anything else (healthy) on hand.


This is random and not necessary healthy-related, but FYI: Folgers instant coffee tastes great and it's really affordable at Costco!

We have a Kurieg but felt the k-cups were way too expensive (we love coffee)! I recently switched to Folgers instant coffee (I know what you're thinking- ek! But it's actually really good) and now, I like it better than k-cup coffee!

This big container is only about $9, and it's going to last you awhile! You only need a teaspoon per cup!



We go through a lot of eggs in my house because I like to boil a big batch at the beginning of the week for grab-and-go snacks! I usually go through a whole carton on meal-prep day (crazy, I know), but that's because I'm also making zucchini tots and egg muffins. Eggs are just an all-around great ingredient! The more the merrier!


Chobani Individual Greek Yogurts:

I don't buy this all the time (and I know there's a lot of sugar in these) but they're a great price-- just $13 for 15.

I love having them on hand for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack (when my sweet tooth is callin').

And, since my in-laws are becoming more and more curious about my meal prep (and are willing to try some of my foods), I figured this would be a good healthy grab for them as well. Who doesn't love chobani?


Alright, so this is the healthier pick: plain Greek yogurt!

I actually have these in my fridge, too (seriously guys- I'm obsessed with food and meal prep) because it's a great replacement for sour cream. You can also add a tablespoon into your smoothie or protein shake for creaminess, or just eat it plain (or freeze it for a sort of ice cream)! Plain Greek yogurt is also a popular substitute in several healthy recipes (like my egg white casserole) so it's great to have on hand!



Alright, so like most of you, I love Whole Foods and love Whole Foods salmon, but it's so damn expensive! When I discovered this bag of Atlantic Salmon from Costco, for just $21.99 (sometimes marked down to $19.99), I was pleasantly surprised!

Karlye (my friend and coworker) also taught me to cook these bad boys up from a frozen state in less than 15 minutes! I'm not kidding when I say it works and it's delicious! It's also a life saver on nights you may get home late from work.

Simply pop the frozen salmon in a frying pan filled with water (so that the water is just slightly covering the salmon), cover and cook on each side for about 5 minutes. Volia! Delicious, juicy salmon. It's good. Trust me!


Another thing I love about Costco salmon is that each filet is huge! It's about 7 ounces per piece and very satisfying!

Oh Costco chicken! I love you! Lol.

I don't know where Costco gets these chickens (I probably don't want to know!!) but they're huge and they are $4.99! Seriously, y'all! $5 and you've got dinner for days! This is hands-down the best rotisserie chicken around!


Celery, a dieter's favorite snack :o)

I bought some celery from Safeway a few weeks ago and it was gross! (No offense Safeway!)  There was just something about it that didn't taste right. But Costco's prepacked, precut celery is BOMB!

I know, I know... Celery? Bomb? (I know, who says bomb anymore? Lol) But trust me, it is! :)


I'm kind of obsessed with these Premium Fuji apples. I eat them with my oatmeal and in my salads... I love their sweet taste and they're so filling! And this huge pack of 12 is just $8!


I'm always finding use for bell peppers, whether it's to eat them raw or throw them in an egg white omelette.


$2.99 for fresh pineapple -- I'll take it!


I really love Costco's hummus but they don't always have it in stock and when they don't, I grab this delicious (dangerous!) Greek Yogurt Dip. It's SO good. I mean, SO, SO good. I have to be very careful, though because it's easy to eat the entire container (!!) in less than 2 days... not saying I've done that or anything. Ahem! But to avoid that, I divvy it up into single serving tupperware containers at the beginning of the week.


My husband loves turkey breast and a few weeks ago we debated buying this "sliced from individual turkey breasts" kind, or the processed kind, which is much cheaper. We decided to go with this and boy was there a huge difference! This turkey actually tastes like turkey!

I love to eat a slice with a hard boiled egg and a few almonds. It's a great protein-filled snack!


A few other things I love to buy from Costco that are not pictured here are their organic quinoa -- I bought the package over a year ago and still have some left! I also like to buy their almond butter -- again, huge container -- it's lasted forever! They also have a great big container of coconut oil and I like the big containers of Naked juice (only $5.99 for the big one, which also seems to last us forever)!

So, there you have it... where my paycheck goes :)

What are your favorite Costco buys?