Dry Shampoo Tutorial with the Twins: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Hey loves! Happy Friday! I'm super excited about today's post because it's a topic I know a lot of you are probably curious about (like I was), but may not want to admit: DRY SHAMPOO! What's the deal with dry shampoo? How does it work? Does it work?? What are the best brands? Where can I buy them? We've got your answers right here!

A little background: I workout almost everyday around 2 in the afternoon, slam in the middle of my 8-6 workday. Let me rephrase that- I workout and shower around 2... How in the world do I pull it off? Well, to be honest, I take a quick shower and don't have time for much else. Sometimes I reapply my makeup, but seriously, y'all, I never, ever know what to do with my hair!!! It gets sweaty, then greasy, and I usually end up pulling it back because there's nothing else I can do! There's certainly not enough time to actually wash and dry it (heck, there's never enough time for that)!

Like most of you, I guessed that dry shampoo was an option, but (and I'm embarrassed to say this cause my own mother is a hair dresser!) I didn't know a thing about how to use it, where to buy it, etc... So, naturally, I turned to the twins and asked all those questions mentioned above, and naturally, they knew *just* the product to recommend and even put on a little demo for me! And then, of course I took pictures and doctored it up in Photoshop like any sensible blogger would! :) So here it is! :)




Can you guess which side is dirty? I CAN TOTALLY SEE A DIFFERENCE! Even if you can't, I can guarantee (from what I saw during this demo) that dry shampoo is worth giving a try! In the second part of today's post I'll share GG's *brand recommendations.* Stay tuned!

Do you use dry shampoo?Β 

If not, would you consider using it?

For those that do: would you apply it the same way as shown here?

What are your favorite brands?Β 


PS: Is it cheesy that I've just learned something from my own blog post? I can't wait to dry shampoo my own hair now that I know how!