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CrossFit Outfit
CrossFit Outfit

I've been on a blogging frenzy this week, hope you don't mind! :) I've had this round-up ready for awhile and should have shared it by now... this is some serious CrossFit swag, huh? I want these lifters SO bad! I love the colors. I also love this shirt. Um, how many times have you heard this at your box? About a million for me! (And the more I hear and remember it, the better!)  

Shorts (similar) / LifeAsRx tank / Reebok Lifters / Reversible Headband / Purple Wrist Wraps

A few changes around here: posts from my awesome contributors, Cherie and Karlye will now be posted on Friday!! Stay tuned for updates from both of them coming later today! :)

What's on your CrossFit swag wishlist?