CrossFit: Realizing You Joined a Cult & You Like it!

Good morning and happy Friday! Today, I have to admit something: I am completely obsessed with crossfit. :)

And, I wouldn't be surprised if my obsession started to annoy you... the reason I say that is because if you don't want to talk about crossfit, you might annoy me. I know! I know! That sounds awful! But the truth is, I want to talk about it all the time. I want to share the new movements I'm learning. (I want to do them as often as possible!) My latest PR. My 1 rep max for my strict press, sumo deadlift, and push press... The crazy WOD I did on Saturday... And, I'm currently coveting all the latest crossfit gear - from Reebok Crossfit Nanos to Sweat Rx and WOD Talk magazines. 

My birthday is in a month so, let's just say this is my wishlist!  




1 Reebok CrossFit Gradient Tank, $45 | 2 WOD Talk Magazine | 3 Reebok Women's Compression Shorts, $25 | 4 Reebok Seamless Women's Sports Bra, $30 | 5 Junk headbands, $16 | 6 Reebok CrossFit Nano, $120 | 7 Sweat Rx Magazine

What new workout gear are you coveting?

Are you obsessed with CrossFit too?