Crossfit Elements: Week One

"Crossfit will make me stronger and smarter!"



Over the weekend, I had major crossfit withdrawals. It started Friday night when we realized we hadn't completed enough Elements classes to attend the regular ones...  What. a. blower.

Funny thing, it's pretty crazy that we even wanted to go to the Saturday class. Here's what they had on the agenda:

“Josh” 21 Overhead Squats (95/65) 42 Pull-ups 15 Overhead Squats 30 Pull-ups 9 Overhead Squats 18 Pull-ups

Um, yeah, that's a total of 90 pull-ups and 45 overhead squats!


You remember my last post, right? About how I almost died doing FIVE pull-ups?

Yet, somehow, Friday night, I was up for the challenge! I looked up the workout and decided this was manageable! We just had to break it down!

So, with a calculator in hand, I added up the total number of pull-ups and overhead sqauts and then divided both by 5, which would result in 5 reps of 18 pull-ups and 9 overhead squats --- this was all my idea, by the way, to which I declared "Crossfit will make me stronger and smarter!" Lol. (Generally, math is not my subject; never has been!)

Aaron responded, "You really are drinking the kool-aid, aren't you?"

"Yes. Yes, I am!"

I mean, I have to be drinking something to think I can do 5 rounds of 18 pull-ups!! That's just crazy town!! That's harder than ANYTHING I've EVER done (marathon aside...)

Alas, we checked the emails we'd received from the coaches and realized we could only go to the unlimited yoga classes. Usually I'd be pumped for yoga, but it wasn't a hardcore crossfit workout so I was like, EH... I seriously don't know what's happening to me!

Week one can be summed up in one word-- obsessed!!

Are there any exercises or sports you've become obsessed with?