Crafting My Brand Story

Last week in Daytona I finally picked up my Kindle and got a chance to do a little reading, which was wonderful! I had a bunch of sample books downloaded but it didn't take me long to settle on "You, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself." I think it appealed to me because I've been wanting to re-write my About page for awhile. It's been almost two years since I wrote a summary of what this blog is about and like with most things, it's changed! I've changed! My story has evolved - it's gone on, there's more to tell now, and according to this book, the success of my brand depends a lot on how well I articulate that story. Find-Your-Story

I'm fascinated by this concept of authentic branding and you - or me, rather! - being the center of this blog or "brand," if you will.  Authentic branding is big in the blog world, too. Because we - the bloggers (writers, really) - are the brand we have to constantly ask ourselves if this cyber space in which we work truly represents us: visually, does the space (logo and blog design) resonate? More importantly does our true voice come through? Is who we are and what we/the blog are about evident? 

Some of my favorite bloggers who I think hit authentic branding on the head are Lara Casey and Gina Zeidler. Their websites, about pages, and even their instagram feed are all so them! You really get their story, which makes following their journey so special and fun; you know what to expect from them!

I've written about my weight loss story (more than once) but I think there's more there! More that I need to pull out of myself and intertwine with my mission with this blog. Here are some other quotes from the book (so far) that may help me flesh that out!

Try to appeal to thousands and you will appeal strongly to no one. 

Find a niche.

"Why does it [your niche] matter?"

"You must not merely answer what makes you different, but how what you do makes a difference for others. Ask that question. Write that answer. Show it to four people whose opinion you value. Demand they be tough with their answers." This is a tough one! I know what makes this blog different but why that matters and how it's making an actual difference is something I need to ponder more!

"We practice our strengths, but ignore our weaknesses." 

"Seek second, third, and fourth opinions. Don't assume; ask. Does this sentence work? Ask six people." 

"Don't seek a mentor, Instead focus on doing the things that might attract people, including mentors."

"The first thing to plan for is your first impression."

"The visual overwhelms the verbal." - This is so true which is why I want to revisit my about page and the blog design.

"People think with their eyes and people hear what they see." Another reason being visual is so important.

"To become more creative --always a good idea--don't try to think outside your box. Instead, grow it. Bring new things in." 

"Make it simple. Constantly edit your story." Again, such truth! I know that even after I revise my story this time, there will be more revising to do down the road.

"So we either rebel at the idea of branding, or we embrace it as a useful tool of deception. Great brands, however, are authentic." 

"Grab them immediately. Craft your leads." 

"Tell stories." - YES! I'm all about this which is why I feature weight loss stories, industry fit stories, and fit mom stories. Plus the stories of CrossFit couples!

Are you inspired to make your blog more authentically YOU yet? I know I am!

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this improved about page but in the meantime, (and in the spirit of asking others, first impressions, and exploring weaknesses), please, tell me, what's your first impression of this blog?

How would you describe this blog to others who may have never seen or heard of it before?

How would you improve my about page or the blog design?