Chelsea & Sean's Snowy Engagement by Tega Photography

We got freezing rain in DC last night and supposedly, there's more on the way. I'm certainly not complaining though! I love sitting in a big comfy recliner, blogging by the fire (and not going to work), especially when I get to share images like these, of sweet couples playing in the snow, making their engagement session one to remember! This playful e-session from Tega Photography is one of my very favorites! It's natural and fun, but totally romantic too - I love the images of Chelsea and Sean hiding under his coat for a kiss! These two didn't expect it to snow on the day they planned to take their engagement photos, but they made the best of the situation, went to a brewery for board games and then made a few snow angels! I'd say these two are set for any swings marriage may throw their way! I love their spirited, laid back love which is so evident in these photos.

Congrats on your engagement Chelsea & Sean!

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Photography by Tega Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights.

Have you made snow angels with your significant other?

What's your best memory of playing in the snow?