Catching up on Weddingbee!

Hey there! If you're popping over from Weddingbee, WELCOME! I'm super excited to be back on the main blog with the Catching Up series! I totally miss blogging for the bee!

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For those of you who may be unfamiliar, I'm known as Mrs. Brooch on Weddingbee, and I blogged throughout wedding planning. My very first postΒ was back in August 2010. Gosh, more than 3 years ago now!

I love looking back, and reading through my old posts. It's like reading through a diary and re-experiencing all that was going on in my life then. It was such an exciting time between my bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and going on Say Yes to the Dress... yep, I was on TV! I love to reminisce about it all.

Anyway, just letting you know the post is over there if you're interested in checking it out (I mention CrossFit -- shocker! Lol), and for those of you visiting from the bee, I hope you'll stick around awhile and check out my new blog!