Loving: Bridesmaids First Look

Good morning! Today I'm starting a new little series called Loving, to share some of my favorite wedding industry trends and ideas. For this first installment, I wanted to share something I first saw on Meredith Perdue's blog - a first look with your bridesmaids! I love this idea immediately, and wanted to give Meredith a huge high-five for capturing such an emotion-filled moment! Since then, I've seen similar photos popping up all over the web.


Bridesmaids First Look

Bridesmaids First Look




Photo 1 & 2 via Meredith Perdue / Photo 3 also from Meredith Perdue

Jordan Quinn Photography / Kaitlin James / via Pinterest

Have you seen images like this?

Do you plan to have a first look with your bridesmaids?