Tuesday Blog Tip: Use the Free WordPress Editorial Calendar

Like I mentioned, I'm going to post regular blogging tips! I hope you're enjoying them so far! Way back in December when I was planning the launch of Fit for a Bride, I created a pretty Excel calendar and filled in all the posts I thought I'd have for the upcoming month. (I knew I couldn't plan too far out, but I could at least look at the month ahead.) Then I printed it, put it in a binder and thought, volia!

Then, after about a week of posting, and several scribbles, arrows, and strikethroughs later, I realized this wasn't going to work. I needed a living document that could be updated at a moment's notice.

Enter another-reason-I-love Wordpress: the Wordpress Editorial Calendar!

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.49.50 PM

This calendar is easy to use and effective. It's helped me to become a better blogger and much more consistent blogger!

Here's a few reasons I love it:

  • Month-at-a-glance viewing: I've always been a month-at-a-glance girl because I've always got something coming up! I like to have month-at-a-glance calendars because they allow me to plan ahead, whether that by by setting money aside or coordinating with others; the same goes for blogging! Being able to plan ahead is very important because a.) I have a day job and can't blog from work and b.) it takes the stress off the day-to-day. I try to preplan posts about a week in advance and even though this doesn't always happen, it's nice to have this tool ready for when I take the time to use it!
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop system to change post dates:  A list of drafts sits conveniently next to the calendar, which I absolutely love (read below) and posts can easily be dragged and dropped onto different days. Should you change your mind and want a post scheduled for Tuesday to go live Thursday, just drag it over! It's SO easy.
  • Handy placement of the total list of drafts: I always have a million ideas for posts so I really love having a running list next to my calendar. The draft may just be a title and serve as a reminder of something I want to blog about later, but having that list handy is really helpful! (Sometimes I think I need to be better about actually finishing and placing those posts vs. having them sit in a ready pool, but that's a post for a different day ;) )
  • Quick edit post titles, content, and times: The quick edit feature is my favorite. Rather than going into the Edit Post/Add New Post mode, you can add a new post with the quick edit button. Simply click on the day you want to add a post to, and you've got the option to start writing right there! It's awesome! From this same mode, you can edit titles and times -- it makes making any changes super easy and convenient!

I live and breathe this calendar y'all so I had to take a second to tell you about it! If you aren't using an editorial calendar, or you are but it's just not working for you, I highly suggest downloading this plugin and giving it a try!

How do you organize blog posts? 

Do you plan ahead, or use a calendar to keep track of upcoming posts?