Behind-the-Scenes: Photoshoots with Lauren Michelle

Good morning! Happy Monday! One of the things I love most about blogging is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with really talented people! My blog has been the catalyst for so many relationships, both online and in "real" life.

I'm especially grateful for the friendship I've formed with Lauren-Michelle, who is pretty much our resident food photographer. Take a look back through our recipes, and it's likely she styled and photographed the food.


Lauren is amazing because not only is she a genius with her camera, she also works in a restaurant and is great with food! She recently showed me how to make a double boiler - I had no clue! And we used it to make a bunch of awesome chocolate recipes, coming to the blog soon!  

Lauren is also really good at styling, too. Most people - myself included - don't think about styling their food before they snap a picture of it, but with a blog, you want recipes to look their very best. Great pictures = more pins = more traffic, which is always good! 

I remember when we shot the mango craisin salad and she stopped me from just throwing the craisins in. She advised I "place" them for the purposes of the shoot! Oh, duh!!! 

You've never seen a picture of Lauren because she's always behind the lens, and even in these photos, it's hard to see her because she's snapping photos! Nevertheless, I thought it'd be fun to share this behind-the-scenes look at the fun (and hard work!) that goes into each of our recipe posts. Lauren's contribution is a big reason this blog shines!





I used to go to Lauren's house for the photoshoots, which mean loading up tons of food the night before.

2013-07-26_0023 2013-07-26_0022

Thankfully she comes to my house now! And, we try to limit the shoot to just 3 dishes! The photos above are from our very first shoot, and I pretty much wanted to do it all. THAT was a crazy day!

One of the funniest parts of our shoots is getting to sample all the food! We usually end up with a smashup of everything on one plate, like this egg casserole, turkey lettuce wrap quinoa and salad!



By batching recipes together, we get more bang for our buck, but sometimes, it's exhausting...

Well, actually, it's always exhausting!

But it's always fun, too! I almost always break out in a fit of giggles... like, the kind you can't control. Lol! And we usually play music in the background (during our first shoot, it was Christmas carols for hours)!

I think we always have a good time and after almost a year of shooting together, we have lots of memories,  too! Remember when I put the cilantro in the quinoa salad instead of basil? Fun times!

Sometimes little kids are around, too! They make great taste-testers!


One person you don't see here is Karlye. I have her listed as a copy editor/contributor for the blog, but in reality, she more like a managing editor! I run all my ideas past her; she helped with the styled shoot and she's always at our food shoots! In fact, Karlye is Lauren's sister! They're a very talented duo! (And in the photo above is Devin, Karyle's son!)


Karlye is holding the pink paper in the photo above!

I'm so thankful to have Karlye and Lauren's help with the blog! I love you guys!!!

Have you ever done a photoshoot with food?

Do you work with others on content for your blog?