Behind the Scenes {Fit for a Bride Studio Office} & How Your Living Space May be Affecting Your Health

Happy Friday eve, y'all! I've got a treat for today: a little behind-the-scenes look at my home office! Since this week has been about me sharing my life--my weight loss story, my wedding, and how I started blogging--I figured it'd be fun to share a glimpse of my living space! Aaron and I have lived in a small one-bedroom apartment since we got married (that's almost 2 years now) and making our little house a home (or "nesting" as some like to say) has been so fun! It's been a learning experience, too, as splitting household chores and blending aesthetic preferences isn't always easy! Hello married life!

Now, I know everyone doesn't move in with their mate after the wedding (some of y'all live together before, and that's cool too!), but we did it the traditional way, and let me tell ya: those first few months, our place was stuffed to the brim with so. much. stuff. It was a combination of his 30 years and my 27 years all under one roof and it wasn't pretty-- a lot of hand-me-down furniture, old books, old papers, way too many sheets and towels, a lot of clothes, shoes, and throw blankets. Just a lot!

After about a year of living with all that stuff, I couldn't take it anymore. I read this and decided it was time to give our apartment a 'healthy' overhaul! We started by clearing out the big stuff- a huge desk in the corner we never used; an oversized dresser doubling as a TV stand (that thing was massive!). Then we tackled all of our little piles! Piles of paper mostly, but I'll admit: I had a lot of knick knacks too. Finally, we bought shelving from Ikea and organized what was leftover...

Here's where I tell you this is about your health: in my opinion, the stuff we surround ourselves with, just like the food we eat, has an impact on our health! Those old clothes we keep jammed up in our drawers, the junky cabinets in our kitchen, and old papers--all of it affects how we feel each day. I remember the morning after I cleaned out my closet-- I had the biggest 'ah ha' moment... I thought, "WOW! It's so nice to walk into a clean, organized closet! Why didn't I do this sooner? After all- this is the first place I step foot into in the morning!" How do you feel when you get home from work? Are you relaxed, or is there a big pile of mail nagging at you?

The bottom line is this: being healthy isn't about the way we look; it isn't about how much we weigh- it's about how we FEEL.

I wanted to feel inspired and relaxed in our apartment. I didn't want the stuff of year's past to weigh me down, and not only that: I needed a place to blog! I needed a place to stretch and do yoga. I needed a space conducive to my dreams!

So without further ado, here's what I'm calling the Fit for a Bride studio (aka, a big chunk of my living room)! Let me know what you think! Oh, and keep scrolling to see a before and after picture of our apartment!

Hey everyone!

Alright, here's the before and after!

Before and after Apt


You can see more of the before and after photos here.

Looking back, I believe that gutting our apartment led the way for me to begin this blog--clearing out the old made way for the new! It sounds cliche, but trust me!  Or, better yet, try it! See if you don't feel instantly energized, inspired and accomplished  (all of that!) after cleaning out a junk drawer or ditching some old papers!

I highly suggest you start this process now! At least ask yourself how your living space makes you feel?

Thanks again for reading!

Sources: The tablevases, and chair are from Ikea; the coffee mug is from Crate & Barrel; the wall color is Restoration Hardware- Silver Sage; and the framed print is from the National Storytelling Festival (We got engaged in 2009- read about Aaron’s proposal here)! Oh, and the apples are real!