Banana Protein Pancakes

Crazy title for a post, ey? Let me explain... It's rare that I have a weekend free with no plans or obligations, so when this last weekend was approaching and I had nothing on the agenda, I got a little happy. As I thought about how I wanted to spend all this free time, I knew I wanted to be in two places and do just two things-- the grocery store and kitchen to cook and meal prep!


In all honesty, I think Instagram is to blame for this. All those foodies and meal preppers... I see thier dedication week after week and the way they turn simple ingredients into amazing, delicious food, and what can I say? I want to join the fun.

Plus, you guys know I'm trying to stick to a meal plan as part of the May-ke it Happen Challenge (how are you guys doing, btw?) and I've learned that if I'm not prepared with healthy foods on hand, it's impossible to stick to the plan.



Enter protein pancakes. I've wanted to make these FOREVER. I first saw them on Nutty4Nutrition's instagram and then on her blog (the actual recipe is here; search "banana protein pancakes")... And I'll be honest, at first I was a little confused, thinking, pancakes? healthy? huh?

Then I looked over the ingredients and didn't see anything bad: it's just vanilla protein, almond milk and oats...

Then, finally, Saturday morning I made them...

I know I'm making this sound really dramatic, but in fact, it was! As Aaron walked into the kitchen that morning, I said, "This is revolutionary!" HEALTHY FOOD THAT TASTES THIS GOOD! Who knew?! (I sure didn't!)


And, of course, I didn't stop there. After a Costco haul, I prepped for the entire week! I packaged up celery and hummus and hard boiled eggs for snacks, as well as various mixtures of fruit and veggies for green smoothies in the morning...

Costco Haul

Meal Prep

I made Zucchini tots (not shown) and egg muffins, and cinnamon quinoa crusted sweet potato casserole (so good!) and blackberry frozen Greek yogurt from busygirlseatclean (also on Instagram)... Hence the title of this post! :)

Sweet Potatoes


I had a blast guys!

Who would have thought meal prepping could be so fun? It's FUN!

Granted, you have to take the time... you have to buy the food... but it's sooo rewarding... at least it is to a girl like me, with a fast food-ridden past. I never EVER would have thought this journey to a slimmer waist and stronger body would result in me learning to make my own pancake batter, or my own ice cream. (I mean, who would think?) But, here's the thing: there's a whole new world out there for us healthy-goers! It's just waiting for you to decide you want better than McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and store-bought foods, and in today's day and age, with Instagram and Pinterest, the possibilies are endless.

So get in your kitchen and have some fun!!!!

What are your favorite healthy recipes?

Have you discovered any amazing-tasting healthy recipes lately?