Back From Our First Cruise; Celebrating Two Years Married!

Hey y'all! Happy first of July!!! I know it's been unusually quiet here on the blog! I had a few posts lined up for the week but I didn't actually schedule them! Oops! We went on a cruise and didn't have internet access from Wednesday through Saturday, so that is why I have been missing-in-action! Here's a recap of our vacation -- this was our first-ever cruise!



We spent the first few days getting acclaimed with cruise life and our ship -- we were on the Carnival Freedom.


We liked our room a lot and that was quite surprising, considering it didn't even have a window! The shower was bigger than I anticipated and overall, we were comfortable! The rest of the ship was just OK, in our opinion. We've never been on another cruiser and can't compare, but we didn't feel there were enough pools (there were three and they were small and always full!), and there weren't a lot of ship activities either (the only two we really enjoyed were the stand-up comedians and the movie under the stars).Β We also thought the interior of the ship was a little dated. We're looking forward to booking on a newer ship in the future!


It's important to note that the staff on this cruiser was great! I couldn't believe the waiters and waitresses remembered our names! Japhet (in the photo below) said good morning and good evening everyday (also remembering and calling us by our names). He was so sweet I had to get a picture with him!



We went to Key West, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica!

Key West was an absolute blast! We walked off the boat with absolutely no plan and tried just walking around, but after about 4 blocks in 100-degree heat, we opted for a moped -- that was an adventure! (I was a lot more afraid than I look!) We rode to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, which was so beautiful! From there, we found this great restaurant, Azur, which was way off the beaten path. The food was delicious!

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Grand Cayman was a whirlwind!

We signed up for biking, kayaking, and snorkeling... little did we know how intense those activities were!

We ended up biking a total of 7 miles!!! We biked to the Rum Cake Factory and a place called "hell" (because of the dead coral reefs on display there).



After biking, we headed for Seven Mile Beach, which, in my opinion, is seriously the most gorgeous beach ever with its turquoise, crystal blue waters and white sand! We loaded into our kayaks and (wow, kayaking is hard work!) we traveled about a half a mile down the beach and got in the water for snorkeling. We saw lots of beautiful fish and just being in the water was fun! Then we kayaked back Β -- we were so tired at that point! We snapped a few pictures and then loaded the bus back to the boat! (We didn't have a waterproof camera so sadly, there's no pictures of us kayaking or snorkeling! :()


When we got back to the room, we couldn't believe how red we were! The sun was no joke!

Holy sunburn!


Jamaica was pretty cool but I have to admit, we didn't see much of it. We were totally fine with that, though... We were exhausted after Grand Cayman and really, just wanted a day of relaxation in the sun.Β We found a beach within walking distance of the boat and hung out there all day.

Again the water was crystal blue and lovely...



It's true what they say about the abundance of food on a cruise! You can order two or three entrees at dinner and that's after you've had an appetizer and soup! There's always room for dessert, too! The buffets didn't interest us much because they were always pretty crowded; although, I did make a huge salad a few times and top it with chicken fingers once and a few popcorn shrimp another time. I also hit up the chocolate extravaganza buffet, but compared the people in front of me (a couple -- each with two plates filled to the brim!) I think I did pretty good sticking to a few samples and not even eating it all.Β I can't say I was "good" though because I had my fair share of trips to the soft serve ice cream dispenser (ice cream is my weakness) and I had a few sugary drinks too.




I'm sure many of you are wondering if we worked out while we were away and the answer is YES!

In fact, we came up with our own cruise WOD! :)

Here's us having fun with the front-facing camera on my iPhone and mirrored ceiling at the finish!


Working out = happiness!

I'll be posting our cruise WOD soon, so stay tuned!

I'll tell you now - I underestimated how difficult it'd be! Aaron came up with it and I was pretty much dying half-way through, which probably means you'll love it!

Where did you go for your second anniversary?

Have you ever been on a cruise?