August Goals

I mentioned last month that I'm using Lara Casey's Powersheets to help me set and achieve goals. The Powersheets have been an amazing tool and a quick glance at my July tending sheet shows it - I got A LOT done! Woo hoo! However, when I sat down to write out August's goals, I realized something that didn't work so well in July: trying to do it all. It's funny, my July goals range from read the Gospels to write an eBook to apply to Grad school, and revive my writer's group. And what I realized is, by not focusing my energy on one single thing, that meant several things didn't get done.

So, this month, I'm changing my approach and trying to do just one of those things!


Well, sorta. I'm still going to try to read the Bible as often as possible, of course, but as far as the blog is concerned: August is all about my ebook. I want to have it completed by my birthday on September 14th!

I've done most of the writing already, but I need to send my draft to my coworker who has agreed to edit it. I also need to plan and schedule a photoshoot so that I can wrap it up pretty with colorful images!

A recap of last month's goals:

Use my Powersheet Tending Lists:  I used my lists and loved them!

Explore the Paleo Diet: I tried eating Paleo, but it only lasted about a week. Read about my faux pas here.

Crossfit, Crossfit, Crossfit: Aaron and I went to Crossfit every Saturday in July, and it was awesome!! We also made it to several classes during the week, each one just as hard as the last... I couldn't go as much this past week because my membership was only good for nine classes (and I was running out), but I just upped to 13 for August. So stoked about that! (More to come about this soon!)

And, in case you missed it, a few awesome things happened in July! 

What are your goals for August?

What's something awesome that happened in July?

Image via Tumblr via Pinterest