Ask GG: Best Foot Creme

Hey guys! Sorry I'm so late getting this post up! It's been an overwhelming few days! I've been off work and busy working on new recipes for the blog! (Coming soon!) I wanted to hurry and get this Ask GG recommendation to you, though!

You might think we're a little crazy talking about foot creme (yea, we went there), but it's open-toe shoe season and if you're like me, you need a little something to get your through between pedi appointments! This Burt's foot creme is the best - Β not only because of its effectiveness, but because of the all-natural/safe ingredients!

You have to give it a try!



Oh, also! If you've written in with an Ask GG question and haven't seen the answer yet, don't fret! We're getting to it!Β In the meantime, ask more! We're open to any and every health/beauty/self-care question you can think of! Email us today!

Again, apologizes on being MIA this week and for this short post. I have lots to share next week! Stay tuned!

What are your plans this weekend?