April Goals

Hello again! So, I know we're a week into April but I wanted to take a quick pause and share my April goals-- I haven't shared goals on the blog since December! (You can see past goals by clicking this link.) Hello April

As many of you know, I changed jobs in March and as a result, I made a few changes to my weekly routine, mainly getting intentional on Sundays, preparing for the week by grocery shopping and laying out my clothes. Even though those are really small changes, continuing them is definitely a priority for April.

Along those same lines, I'd like to have my blog posts for the week ready on Sunday as well. They don't have to be completely written and ready, but I should at least have some drafts set aside and almost ready for publication. I worked on that yesterday so I'm off to a good start this month with that!


I want to finish my e-book. No, really this time, I swear! It's actually done but I keep waiting on others to edit it and/or provide feedback and/or help with the layout and cover. I am so ready to see this ship sail, though, guys! My goal is to publish by the first of May!

Have a me day.

I've talked about the concept of a me day before and I think one is definitely in order! I've been feeling a bit run down with my new work schedule (and work load), lots of crossfit, weekend obligations and not a lot of "me" time-- that is time not dedicated to blogging, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking or working! Ideally I'd love my me day to fall on a beautiful spring day so that I can spend some time outside! I'd also like to do a few girly things like get my nails, feet, and hair done and do a little spring shopping.

Have a blog day, too.

I'd love to set aside a completely different day for just blog stuff! A day when I can answer email, finish writing drafts, take some photos, and make some necessary tweaks on the backend of the blog. There's always a lot do to when it comes to this blog but there's not always a lot of time to do it! A few day dedicated to blog would be nice!

Go to an Olympic Lifting Workshop.

Our CrossFit box hosts a weekly Olympic Lifting Workshop on Sundays and I've been wanting to go forever! If fact, I can't believe I haven't gone and we've been doing CrossFit almost a year now!  The main reason I think we haven't gone is because we usually workout on Fridays and Saturdays so by Sunday we're sore and ready for rest or, we have a family event to attend, but this month I'd like to finally get there!

Continue Logging!

I was really successful logging my food last week and I'd love to keep this up throughout the rest of the month! I've been paying more attention to the nutritional value of the foods that I eat (whether the calories come from carbs, protein or fat) and keeping a close eye on sugar levels. I've also noticed when I have my *weak* moments - at night and on the weekends. And, I found a few surprises through tracking as well, like the crab dip from The Green Turtle I devoured this weekend? 1,200 calories!! Definitely not a healthy choice, but now I know!

If you've having a hard time getting back into the groove of logging (or starting in the first place), here's a tip: look for something in particular! Don't just log to be logging, actually look for something- whether it's watching your sugar intake or whether you're getting enough protein or trying to stay low carb, get on the hunt for something tracking can give you!

Have you uncovered anything from a week of logging meals? 

What are your goals for the month? 

Have you ever had a me day? 

April image via Two Crazy Lips Tumblr