Allison & Drew E-Session by Andy Bang Photography

I'm super excited to bring you yet another inspiring engagement session- this one takes place in gorgeous downtown Los Angeles and is photographed by the amazingly talented Andy Bang.

According to Andy, Allison and Drew, the soon-to-be bride and groom both work in high-powered positions at stressful jobs, yet, they make time for each other and the kicker: time for workouts! The two regularly attend crossfit (hell yea!) and I have a sneaking suspicision that may explain the exploding chemistry seen between them in these images.

I love their playfulness (see Drew flexing below) and the romance that develops as the day progresses (they become so affectionate and sweet!); and I have to say: I love Allison's outfits! Her bright orange dress and teal blue tank are excellent choices for an e-session if you ask me!

If you aren't totally in love with these two by the end of this post... well, then, you must have missed something! Enjoy!

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Yea, I know... Pretty amazing, right? I can't imagine what they're wedding will look like!! Obviously it's going to be totally gorgeous and totally heartfelt.

Congratulations Allison and Drew! Thank you for sharing these images with us!

And thank you Andy Bang-- these photos are phenomenal!

Where are you taking your engagement photos? 

Any Los Angeles soon-t0-be brides out there?