Monday Motivation: Abandoning Your Plan for God's

"Whatever is worrying you right now... forget about it.

Take a deep breath and trust in God."



Do you feel like you need to have a five-year plan? Or a ten-year plan? Are you a habitual goal setter? A list checker, like me? Do you worry if you don't have a plan for the future, or at least a good handle on where you're headed?

I'm one of those people who loves to plan everything; heck, I love to meal plan! I also like to plan for business and I like making plans with friends. I'm just a planner. Plans make me feel safe-- I can prioritize if I know the plan. I can relax if I know the plan.

The thing is, in life, you don't always know the plan. In fact, you might have a plan, but life isn't abiding your plan! Life just happens!

It's been said that some of the worst times turned into the best; some of the hardest experiences turned out to be the most rewarding; and you have the best time when you least expect it... but in my mind, I still want to know the plan.

I have questions like, What's my career path? When should we have kids? Should we buy a house, stay in Northern Virginia? Should we pick-up and move? Needing a plan and not having one (or rather, not being able to control the universe) is stressful. Stress isn't good for us. (Read 10 Scary Things Stress is Doing to Your Body.)

I'm learning, or at least trying to learn to let go of my need for a master plan, and instead, leave it up to the master.

And just like the verse says, know He works for my good. Period! Let go of the rest!

What are your methods for de-stressing about life and the future? 

Do you try to control the future, or do you live by the moment, trusting in God? 

PS: While doing research for this post, I discovered Stress Decreases Attractiveness in Women's Faces. Ah!