Aaron's Cruise WOD & Cereal-Crusted French Toast

I told you I was inspired by Carrots n' Cake and printed out a few of her travel WODs for our trip, but on our first sea day, when we decided to workout, my husband -- being the wonderful man that he is -- decided he wanted to come up with his own WOD. So like him, I tell ya! Anyway, I doubted his workout at first because I didn't think he had enough variety, but take a look at me halfway through...

Aaron's-Cruise-WODDo you see the sweat on my arm? Yea. It was that serious.

Aaron's Cruise WOD surprised me! Without a single piece of equipment and a mixture of only four movements, I was drenched in sweat and, from what I could tell, getting a much better workout than most of the other people in the gym! Here it is:


5 Laps around the track

30-Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible):

20 Air Squats 10 Burpees 10 Push ups 10 Windshield Wipers

*We started with 20, but quickly realized that was a bit much and dropped it down to 10!


The workout was HARD. Mostly, it felt long. I'm used to doing shorter WODs (that are just 10-15 minutes), but the one Aaron did at our box the day before we left was 30 minutes (and only three exercises), which is why he decided to make ours that length of time as well.

The gym on the boat was nice but it was pretty crowded. We found a spot behind some machines near the windows, but it was tight quarters (I didn't like the slanted walls)! Anything was better than being outside, though! It was hot! I mean, really hot! I was a bit frustrated to have to stop almost as soon as we started and move it into the gym, but halfway through the workout, I realized we would have never survived outside!


The post-workout euphoria was ever-present when we finished!

Aaron was pleased...


And I was all smiles and selfies!


After the workout, we went back to the room and showered, and then headed to this restaurant called Posh for breakfast. This would be our first time eating a sit-down breakfast (we'd only eaten breakfast at the buffet thus far, and ne neither of us liked it) and we were starved! 

I ordered Eggs Benedict and Aaron got the Steak & Eggs. Then he got this -- cereal-crusted french toast!


He's going to hate that I'm telling you this, but this breakfast was EPIC! I mean, seriously? Who coats french toast with cereal? And the possibilites were endless, you could have cinnamon toast crunch coating -- fruit loops, lucky charms, cherries, the whole nine!

Even though Aaron had already eaten breakfast, he gotten pretty used to ordering more than one entree (after all, that's what everyone says to do on a cruise!) and with the urging of the others at our table, he went for it!

I should mention this was also the first morning we sat with others; one couple was on their honeymoon and the other had been married two years. They were all nice, and of course, very entertained by Aaron's appetite!

When the french toast arrived, it was a marvel!

And with a side of bacon? Only Aaron, ya'll! Only him!

At that point, I think Aaron would have preferred to backdown, but it was like an episode of Man v. Food and he simply COULDN'T back down. So, he poured the syrup on top and went to town!


He got through one piece of toast and called it quits! I couldn't believe he even ate that!

After breakfast, Aaron headed to the library to do some reading and I hit the deck for some sun!


It felt great to have worked out on our vacation and it set the tone for a wonderful rest of the day!

Do you workout on vacation? 

What about on a cruise? 

Has your husband ever surprised you with his workout ideas, or eating abilities?