Fashion Friday: Zulily


I haven't posted a Fashion Friday round-up in awhile but lately I have been eyeing the various styles of workout pants offered over on Zulily -- are you a member?

Zulily offers a big selection of discounted name brand items -- everything from women's clothes and shoes to household items and a lot of baby and maternity items as well. Of everything offered on Zulily, the workout clothes are usually what peak my interest.

The way it works is that there are "Events" hosted by Zulily from various name brands. The Events are time-sensitive and don't last forever, which is why sometimes there's a big tug for me to go ahead and purchase something because the Event could be ending soon!

Most of the items in this round-up are from The Bottom Line, but there's often 2 or 3 "events" from fitness retailers at once -- so there's always a lot to chose from. There's always pretty good brands, too -- Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, TOMS, Oakley, and UnderArmor, just to name a few. The latest is from Vera Bradley!

What's your favorite discount shopping website?

Do you shop for workout clothes or anything else online? 

Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Style


Alright, truth time: I've been struggling to get to the gym this week!

I'm not sure if it's because I started a new job and I'm dealing with a totally new routine (including a horrendous commute) or whether it's the freezing cold keeping me away! Whatever it is, it's time to snap out of it!

Working out is my way of decompressing from the day. It's MY hour. An hour I don't really think, I just do. And when it's up and the endorphins are flowing I always feel so good. So refreshed! Now that I've started a new job I need that more than ever so the excuses have got to go! I was thinking a little fitness fashion might help the nudge! I love H&M workout clothes!! They're super affordable (~$25) and cute! I love these long-sleeve tops; perfect for winter workouts! AND THESE PANTS (also $25). LOVE! This down vest by NorthFace is quite a bit more expensive ($100) but TOTALLY WORTH IT. Hello warmth!

I've been wanting a pair of neutral colored Nanos, too. I love the porcelain! If I snag them they'll be my third pair! I think it's safe to say I'm making strides in improving my workout wardrobe. Woo hoo!

:: SHOP ::

NorthFace Down Vest $99 | Porcelain Reebok Nano 4.0s | H&M Sports Tights |

Seamless Sports Top (Fushia) | Workout bag

How do you stay warm to and from the gym?

Fashion Friday with Fabletics

Truth: I went shopping for Christmas gifts at Target. Spent $115. And walked out with one gift... two pillows, a sweater, and robe for myself. The struggle is REAL y'all! Buying only for others this holiday season!  It sounds so vain, but it's true. I can help but look, right? Anyone else experiencing this?

Another truth: Workout clothes are Target are really, really cute. I spent about 15 minutes browsing the activewear section, but you know what my issue is? Mixing, matching, and deciding what goes together! And what goes with what's already in my closet. It makes all the beautiful clothes suddenly feel very overwhelming!

This is the reason I recently became a member of Fabletics! Have you heard of it? I haven't bought anything yet, but the reviews are great: Lululemon-quality pants at a third of the price; pre-styled outfits (I love that part); and curated looks picked specially for your workout style sent directly to you. Opt to buy one of those outfits or, opt to skip the month. Whatever you do, you won't be spending more than about $50 per outfit. Yep, PER THE ENTIRE OUTFIT! Sounds pretty cool, huh? The clothes are cute, too!


Supposedly Fabletics has other perks too, through the VIP program; even refer-a-friend cash back. I'm so intrigued! Maybe like the capsule, this is the end of my workout wardrobe woes?

Are you just as hesitant to style your workout wardrobe?

Have you heard of Fabletics?  

PS: I'm really, really into these New Balance Retro Sneakers!! Who would have ever thought these were going to come back in style??

Fit Girl's Gift Guide {Christmas}


Speed Tight | Pullover | Fashletics necklace | Journel Menu

Lululemon Urban Sanctuary Bag

I should have probably titled this post the Rich Chick's Christmas, ha!

I'll be lucky if I get a single item from Lululemon - let alone three!

A girl can dream, though, right?

That's what happened when I stumbled on last week. (Proceed with caution!)

Serious workout-clothes envy going on!

What about you; are you asking for anything workout-related this Christmas? 

In other news:

Holiday parties are EVERYWHERE. I have one today, one tomorrow and another Thursday. Oh, and I went to one Saturday! Are you inundated with holiday parties, too?

I've been sticking to my pre-planned workout schedule for December pretty closely. Yay! I also picked up this planner for the new year -- I LOVE new planners!

We finally broke the seal Sunday and started Christmas shopping (phew!) - When you pack it all into a single day you realize just how expensive Christmas really is! Sheesh! We still have a few more things to buy, but I'm sure glad we started...

Have you started shopping yet?

What's on your wish list this year? 

What's the best gift you've bought so far? 

Fashion Friday: Feyoncé Style

Hey, hey! Happy Friday! I'm headed out of town tonight to attend my sister-in-law's engagement party in Williamsburg tomorrow. She got engaged last Christmas so this party has been a long time coming!

For the event she purchased this off-the-shoulder sweater that says Feyoncé from Etsy -- I die! This is seriously the cutest top, ever and it makes me sad I'm not engaged anymore and have no excuse to wear it!


Sports Bra | Nike Zoom Fly Sneakers | Feyoncé sweater | Athleta Leggings

Of course, paired with these black and berry nikes, you'll definitely look the part of a fit bride! (And one with great musical taste, too!)

What are your favorite bride tanks and tops? 

Weekend plans?

Friday Faves: Victoria's Secret Black & White Collection

Hey hey! Happy Friday! A few weeks back I bought a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt from Victoria's Secret. It had been awhile since I shopped there and I completely forgot how much I LOVE their clothes! They have a new black and white collection and I want it all!

Victoria Secret Black & White Collection
Victoria Secret Black & White Collection

I'm especially obsessed with their new leggings -- they're made of a more workout-like material, not cotton like a lot of their other pairs, and they're reversible, which I love! I've been wearing them a lot!

Victoria Secret Black & White Collection
Victoria Secret Black & White Collection

There's several more pieces from this collection on my wish list, so I thought I'd share those with you today!


1.Collegiate Pant 2. Gym Crew 3. Printed Yoga Legging 4. Nike Free 5.0s 5.Seamless Racerback Bra 6. Seamless Thong

I think another reason I'm totally obsessed with this line is because it all matches the new pair of Nike Frees I got for my birthday in September. I've never had nice sneakers before because I would normally just wear whatever sneakers I had to workout. Now, I have my nanos that I workout in and my Nikes that I wear on the weekend! Hopefully this way each pair will last a little longer, too!

Do you have two pair of sneakers?

What's your favorite clothing line for workout clothes? 

CrossFit Swag

CrossFit Outfit
CrossFit Outfit

I've been on a blogging frenzy this week, hope you don't mind! :) I've had this round-up ready for awhile and should have shared it by now... this is some serious CrossFit swag, huh? I want these lifters SO bad! I love the colors. I also love this shirt. Um, how many times have you heard this at your box? About a million for me! (And the more I hear and remember it, the better!)  

Shorts (similar) / LifeAsRx tank / Reebok Lifters / Reversible Headband / Purple Wrist Wraps

A few changes around here: posts from my awesome contributors, Cherie and Karlye will now be posted on Friday!! Stay tuned for updates from both of them coming later today! :)

What's on your CrossFit swag wishlist? 

Fashion Friday: WOD Killa

Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a great week! Last night I did the 9/11 hero wod at our box and I have to say, I felt like a WOD killa, which inspired this outfit! I did the same workout last year and have the most vivid memories of it being downright awful! I did 65 lb cleans, hated every second of the pull-ups (with bands!) and nearly died on the final run.

I went into it this year determined to have a better experience and I did! I surprised myself doing the workout Rx - 95 lb cleans and ALL kipping pull-ups!! Don't get me wrong, I did one. at. a. time. but chipping away, I did them!!! Not only that, I had fun!! :)

My birthday is this weekend and I've decided these socks are going to be my present to myself! (They're only $10!!) And, I think I deserve them!


Life as Rx tank top / Colorblocked Workout Shorts / Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0s /

WOD Killa Socks

By the way, they also have these socks in bright pink! (I'm looking at you, Karlye!)

Have you ever felt awesome at the end of a tough workout? 

Have you seen improvements in your CrossFit performance? 

Pretty Strong Pretty Fast

Workout Clothes Collage
Workout Clothes Collage

Happy Friday people! Are you ready for the weekend? It's been awhile since I did a workout in style post! I'm still trying to ramp up my workout wardrobe (and get away from all black), which is why I love this magenta ensemble!

 1 Patagonia Capilene Mesh Sports Bra / 2 Adidas Pretty Strong Pretty Fast Tank / 3 Gym bag / 4 Women's Nike Shorts / 5 Magenta Nike Frees

Also, pretty much anything with calligraphy or fancy fonts is a winner in my book -- like this "pretty fast, pretty strong" font duo -- adding a little girly touch to a tough mantra!

What's your favorite color for workout clothes? 

What are your weekend plans? 

Fashion Friday: Reebok Nano 4.0s

You might have seen on Instagram that I'm trying out the new Reebok Nano 4.0s. I got a pair in this awesome mint and tiffany blue color. Naturally, when I first saw them, my mind went straight to "What do I have in my workout wardrobe that's this color?"

Cause matching while working out is super important, right? Riiiight! :)

Well, I can tell you there's not enough in my closet... I started browsing online and I found more than one cute mint-colored top! So, I thought I'd ask you, What's Your Workout Style? Polka dots or pineapples?


Mint Razorback Tank / Reebok Nanos 4.0 / Pineapple Tank / Animal Print Volleyball Shorts

To see other fashion round-ups, go here.

Are you for the pineapple or polka dots top? 

Are you into tiffany blue or mint? 

Fashion Friday: Lululemon & Link Love

Morning and happy Friday! I'm pumped to begin a three-day weekend in just a few hours!! What are your plans? I'm headed to the Patriot Center to watch the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals this weekend and of course, I'm SO excited! I plan to take my camera and report back with all the details Monday! I'm pumped for one of our very own - Linsey Kokal to be competing! She's going to kill it!! In other news, I've been obsessed with Lululemon lately and this Lulu Addict blog! I don't own any Lululemon gear (it's so dang expensive!) but of course, I want everything!! These Wunder Under crops (in blue below) were the inspiration for today's Fashion Friday post! They're reversible which I think is pretty cool!


I also want to share some links from around the web! I've been clicking around like crazy, reading so many great articles on everything from weddings to CrossFit technique!

First up, my friend Lauren from Every Last Detail released "What a wedding costs (when you use professionals," (infographic) this week. I think it's an extremely valuable resource for any new bride trying to determine her budget. You should check it out!

I also enjoyed reading 10 Tips for the Female CrossFitter, from The Box Life magazine. One tip is to work on your grip! Apparently men have a grip twice as strong as women, and I have to say, my own grip feels pretty weak! I'm not exactly sure how one goes about strengthening their grip, but I assume more pull-up practice helps.

Did you see this blueberry chia seed jelly recipe? I want to try to make it this weekend!

A few of you asked me about my meal prep last week. I got the instructions from one of my favorite fitness gurus on Instagram, Mankofit. Here's a link to her one-step meal prep!

How Your Day Job Affects Your Fitness (Video) - This is so interesting to me! You might of seen on Instagram that I setup a standing desk in my office. So far I'm loving it! I'll post more about this and other fitness things I try to do (bring to) work... I'm curious, what's something fitness-related you try to do at work? Our resident fit mom, Karlye, did the farmer's carry with water jugs at work this week! Haha. I was lucky enough to see the picture - maybe she'll share it with us all next week!

What fitness things do you try to do at work? 

Do you wear Lululemon? 

Are you going to any regional CrossFit competitions? Have you been following the Games? 

Shop: Nike Tank / Sneaks / Bag (Similar)

Fashion Friday: Death by Barbell

Morning friends! Happy Friday! I am so happy the weekend is upon is! What's everyone got planned for Mother's Day? My mom lives in Winchester (about an hour away) and we're planning to get up early to meet her at church Sunday, and then brunch afterwards! We bought wedding albums for both my mom and Aaron's mom... yep, 3 years later! (As far as they're concerned, it's better late than never!) What did you get your mom? I recently noticed that we haven't had a workout-in-style board in awhile! This one comes with a crazy WOD: Death by Barbell! When I first saw it, I got excited and thought, "that looks awesome!" Then I realized it was FIVE ROUNDS. Holy crap! The prescribed weight for women is also 95 lbs! Eek!


LevelOne Death by Barbell Tank / Nike Dual Women's Lite / Nike ProSport Shorts / Headband

I certainly think a workout like that deserves a little self-splurging, right? And what could be more appropriate than more workout clothes? Of course I don't think it'd be fair to wear this shirt unless you'd done the workout... jus sayin'! But the skull and cross-bones is pretty badass, huh?

In other news, did you catch my friend Brooke's story? It's gone viral and she was on Good Morning America today! I'm really excited that her story was picked up by national news and if you haven't watched the clip, you definitely should! Personally, I've been sharing Brooke's story with my friends and family and having a lot of great discussions about society and the media's portrayal women, beauty, and perfection... I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Do you think we need to be open about the realities of extreme weight loss?

Are you dealing with lose skin from weight loss? 

What's the worst workout you've ever done? 

Fashion Friday: My Protein Shake Tank

Hey guys! Happy Friday! And when I say happy, I mean HAPPY! I'm really beginning to appreciate the weekend since changing jobs- I have a much fuller week and it's exhausting! This morning when I heard "It's FRRRRRRRRRRRIDAY!" on the radio, an instant smile came across my face: ah, yes, it's finally Friday! Oh and by the way... last night when I got home, I fully expected Aaron to be at class (that's where he said he was) but he surprised me and was waiting there with flowers and dinner reservations! Awwww! We had a lovely meal at a local Italian restaurant and when we got home, did some small sweet things for each other: I walked the dog (Aaron's usual evening task) and he baked me cookies! :) (It was his first time baking cookies - shocking, I know!) Anyway, it was a nice night!

In other news, this week's posts did not go as planned. I'm working on an article about protein powder I had wanted to share but it still needs editing... In the meantime, I'm hoping this protein shake tank will suffice! :) Also, I wanted to share some good weekend reads and recipes!

And then there's this awesome My Protein Shake Tank from Etsy:


I hear the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, who is going downtown to check them out? If the weather is as nice this weekend as it is today, I might!

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Fashion Friday: Just Chillin

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Is anyone else already suffering post-CrossFit-Open blues? I saw an update on the CrossFit Facebook page that said "Thursdays just aren't the same," and it's so true! My usual CrossFit Opening viewing party was non-existent last night and I woke up feeling a little sad this morning that I didn't have a CrossFit competition to attend this weekend! Is it just me?? Are you missing it already too?

Well, on the upside, I could use a weekend of just chillin! A weekend in these dugs sounds so nice right about now! It's been a long work week and even though we've been waiting and waiting for spring to finally bloom in DC (I'm still not sure we're there), I feel a bit behind on everything: spring cleaning, April goals, and other stuff! I hope to take some time this weekend to get on the ball!


One thing I have been on top of is this week's challenge to keep a food diary: I'm on a 5-day streak! Woo hoo! And, I'm actually enjoying using MyFitnessPal again and making a habit out of logging my meals! Is that weird or what?

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.08.22 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.08.22 PM

Don't forget you can shop the clothes in this week's roundup below!

Now, tell me: how are you doing with this week's challenge? 

What are your plans for the weekend?


Fashion Friday & The Open Announcement 14.4

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I can't tell you how happy I am this week is over - I finally threw in the towel this morning and I'm home sick from work. I wish I could enjoy this day and the warmer temperatures coming to DC, but blah! I'm still sick! Anyway, did you see the Open Announcement for 14.4? It looks AWESOME! Aaron and I have been watching the Open Announcement each week and we got pumped last night watching Josh Bridges - he's a beast! (And when I saw we got pumped, I mean as pumped as you can get between tea, tissues, and lots of NyQuil.) I was also really excited to hear that the Open Announcement for next week features Rich Fronning and Samatha Briggs! It's going to be so fun to watch!

The bad news is that we have to go out of town this weekend so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do the Open at my box like usual. (Insert sad face!) I don't think I can handle doing it today being sick, but I have to find some time at some point!

I love that 14.4 involves cleans - they're my favorite! I'm not so thrilled about the toes-to-bar, which I find extremely difficult! There's also no way I can do a muscle-up, but the first half of the workout so be fun anyway!

I also love that I have an excuse to buy more workout clothes! I've been really committed to that lately and last week, had a fun time at Old Navy trying a few things on:


I ended up buying the pink outfit, which I think looked much better in the dressing room than it did the day of the Open, but whatever! I'm thinking about going back for the two middle shirts - I really love the material and they're comfortable! Shop Old Navy here. (They're offering 30 percent off with the coupon code THANKS)


Lately I'm loving anything neon! I think it's because I'm so desperate for spring and summer!


So, I'm curious, are you watching the Open Announcements?

Last year I wasn't doing CrossFit at this time and didn't watch the Open. I only caught the tail-end of the games, but I have to say, watching these various athletes perform has been really inspiring! It's been helpful too - I think watching this open announcement really helped me with my snatch form!

How about you? Do you watch CrossFit videos for helpful tips? 

Fashion Friday & Get Motivated March // Week 3

Happy Friday friends! How's your week been? Mine has been really good! Tomorrow marks the end of my first full week at my new job and so far, I really like it! It's a lot busier than my other job, but I have a beautiful office and I really like the work I'll be doing... get this, I get to blog! Woohoo! I'm combining this week's Fashion Friday feature with preparations for Week 3 of Get Motivated March! How adorable is this Protein Shake tank? I love it!  I also love these Nike shorts and if it ever gets warmer, I plan to get a few pairs!




The Protein Shake Tank is available on Etsy here. I really love all the NobullWoman Apparel. They have Fit Mom tanks, too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.30 PM


Alright, so you haven't downloaded the Get Motivated calendar - it's never too late!

Get Motivated

And if you haven't done the first couple of challenges, jump right in!

March 16: Log Everyday!

I'm really excited to try to do this the entire week because I recently logged back into MyFitnessPal and I saw that theres been some nice updates! (Here's 10 Tips for Making the Most of MyFitnessPal!)

March 17: Cut Out Processed Foods!

This means fast food and packages lunches! Get creative and pack your lunch! Make a breakfast casserole or try overnight oats - I don't know where these have been all my life! It's been a delicious and filling way to start the day!


March 18: Drink Water First

I'm really trying to get in this habit but it's hard! I always always go for the coffee first, then water, but there are so many benefits to drinking water first thing!

March 19: Plan an Active Date

I'm actually already planning an active date with my girlfriends! We're supposed to be going to DivaFit for a pole dancing class! That should be fun, active and hilarious!

March 20: Make a Healthy Swap

I have a healthy swap posted planned for next week! I've realized there are some many healthy alternatives to the foods I once loved, and once I introduced those healthy swaps in my diet I never looked back! Especially with protein pancakes and spaghetti squash! I don't miss the other stuff!

March 21: Take the Stairs

I'm on the seventh floor in my building and a walk up the stairs would be a great midday workout! Looking forward to this!

March 22: Pass on the Booze!

It's pretty well-known that alcohol can sabotage diet efforts! Try passing on the booze this weekend, at least for one day!

I'm going to try to be better next week checking in with you guys on these challenges (as I do them) via social media! This week has just been crazy with my new job and I haven't had time to get on Instagram! I miss it, though!


Also, who's pumped for 14.3 of the Open? I am! Box jumps and deadlifts! I can do those so I'm stoked! Look for a full recap of the event Monday and to those of you competing - GOOD LUCK!

See my recaps of 14.1 and 14.2 here and here.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a great weekend!

Workout Clothes: Come On Spring


Good morning guys and happy weekend! Since my Get Motivated March series bumped Fashion Friday yesterday I thought I'd pop in today with this #comeonspring look I put together! I really love these colors and cannot wait to be able to walk outside in shorts and a tank top! I'm so over the cold! The good news is that it's supposed to be in the 60s in DC today, so I'm looking forward to that!I'm not as pumped about 14.2 as I was about 14. 1 because the workout requires chest-to-bar pull-ups and I can't even do regular pull-ups! However, I'm still excited to spend my Saturday at my box cheering on the other competitors! I'm bringing my camera again, as well so next week there will be a full recap of the event! I also want to share that a few things change for me next week... as some of you may know, I work for the Federal Government. I've been at the same agency for 4 years, but I was recently granted to opportunity to go on a detail! A detail is a fancy Government word meaning a temporary job assignment! So, beginning Monday, I will be working in a new office with new people doing a different type of work. I'm really excited about it and looking forward to the change, but with change comes challenges as well! I'm leaving behind my work gym and salad club (sniff, sniff)! I'm looking forward to experimenting, though and incorporating some new habits into my routine!


Fashion Friday: Barbell babe


Evening, fit fam! I just returned from CrossFIt and boy, was it ever challenging! I started to feel defeated as I was leaving (I wanted to get more rope climbs - I got one! And I wanted to get double unders - I can't - for the life of me!! - string them together!), but then I realized, hey, you went! You got ONE! You tried! That's what matters, right? And, we didn't pick up a barbell, so that's probably why I didn't really enjoy the workout. :) That's normal, right? Haha. How about this barbell babe tank?


I love that this Barbel Babe Tank comes in so many colors! Also shown: C9 by Champion Yoga Pants from Target and Beast Mode Weight Lifting Gloves (on sale right now)! I've had these Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes on my want-list for awhile!

The other annoying thing about tonight (and then I'll stop complaining - I promise!), is that I had nothing to wear for the workout! We're a little behind on laundry and well, my workout wardrobe needs work! I ended up wearing my funky leggings, but in total, I think that's one pair of 3 workout pants I own, and that's just crazy considering how often I workout!

In other news, you might notice my new logo! I totally love it! I'm making a few other small changes here and there, so my apologizes if the site is acting wonky when you stop by! Have a great weekend, friends!

Do you ever feel so-so about your workouts? 

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Fit Valentine

Warning: this isn't your typical Valentine's Day gift guide. There's no boxes of chocolate or even chocolate-covered strawberries here! We're trying to get summer-ready! Can I get a "HELL YEA?" Fit-Valentine

Oh, you're wondering about those delicious looking heart-shaped cookies? They're actually made from Chocolate chip cookie dough Questbars! A genius idea I spotted over on my new favorite blog, Fit and Fab! (Go. There. Now. And make sure you download her Bridal Bootcamp! It looks REALLY good!)

Other fun *fit* Valentine gifts could be:

What are you getting your fit Valentine this year?

Fashion Friday: Printed Leggings

Good morning and happy Friday!! You guys have probably come to expect a Fashion Friday post from me today, sharing cute workout outfits, and I've really come to love this feature. I'm obsessed with sourcing cool workout clothes online and if you haven't already, you should definitely follow my Workout Clothes board on Pinterest! It's always growing! However, despite my online obsession, my wardrobe isn't the best reflection of all my pins. In fact, my workout wardrobe is pretty lame! It's old gym clothes, a few pieces off the sale rack from Target and Old Navy -- nothing fancy... Until recently! On Black Friday last year I went to the Under Armor outlet in Williamsburg and picked up a pair of super funky, printed leggings - pink printed leggings! - and though deep down, I loved them and wanted to be THAT girl that wore the cool workout gear, I was totally nervous about them! The first time I did actually (I wore them to CrossFit - you can see a picture of them here), I turned to my husband in a panic and asked, "Do these look ridiculous?" To which he responded, "No! Those are hot!" Of course, I wanted to take his word for it but I still felt pretty self-conscious, then, something weird happened: the workout started - heavy cleans and box jumps - I got hot, sweaty, into my workout mode, and all the sudden -- felt totally badass in my new digs!! HELL YEA PRINTED LEGGINGS! Lol!

I think working out is a lot about having a can-do attitude and looking the part can really enhance your experience. Who's with me? I put together this collage of other funky leggings - they're a bit pricey, but I'd like to start building my workout wardrobe to match my posts! I'd love to know: which is your favorite?


Note: The Stripes Chaturanga Pants not shown in the Product Grid below are available here.

Do you wear printed leggings or cool workout clothes?

Shop for your today!