Sierra & Brad's Mountain Biking Engagement Party

A Bridal Party - Mountain Biking Adventure! 

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While most brides spend the day before their wedding at the spa, getting their nails and hair done, this fit bride opted for a mountain biking excursion instead!

This came as no surprise to her friends and family, though because Sierra and Brad thrive off an ultra-active lifestyle, spending as much time as they can outdoors, in-between daily CrossFit (for him) and circuit workouts and runs (for her).  

Read more in our interview with Sierra below!


First things first, how did you and Brad meet?

On a blind date! We were set up by a mutual friend.

How did he propose? Was it a surprise?

He proposed on a hike out towards the Oregon coast, in the pouring rain. It was one of the first hikes we did together so it was a special hike. No one else was around because the wind and rain were so intense. It was a total surprise!

At what point did the two of you start to incorporate fitness into our routine? Was fitness something that started for you prior to meeting?

We were going on adventures and doing active things together since the first weekend we met. We do occasional traditional workouts together, but we tend to favor staying active together in other ways. We love surfing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and of course mountain biking. 

What's your favorite fitness activity? Do you and Brad do the same sport?

All of the above. Winter favorites are snowboarding/skiing and traveling to warmer climates for surf adventures. Summer time includes mountain biking and backpacking trips, rock climbing, and more surfing!

What prompted your interest in these activities? How long have you been doing them now?

We both grew up in active households, and are both a bit stubborn and competitive so naturally we push each other in activities. We both have our sports we favor so we encourage and support each other in those!


What is your goal with participating in this particular sport or activity? 

We are very aware how important fitness and health are, especially as we get older, but we really participate in activity more for our love if the actual sport and being outside together.

What exactly does training for this sport entail?

For mountain biking, my husband does CrossFit as part of his routine and I run (leisurely) and do Interval training workouts. Having a good leg strength and some cardio capacity makes the uphill a little less daunting. 

How has this sport/activity changed your body? Are you happy with those changes?

Mountain biking has kept us in just good overall shape and strong throughout.

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Is this sport/activity a big part of your relationship? In what ways?

Of course. Brad actually got me more into mountain biking and pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone. I had my first real crash during our relationship and he has helped me move past the fear of that. It’s a good release of day-to-day stress and the monotony of work.

Do you relate any elements of this sport/activity to marriage?

Trust, communication, and laughing at the little things!

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Do you plan to add any touches to your wedding day that are representative of your love for this sport/activity?

We went mountain biking with a big group of our friends the day before our wedding and had the most fun that day! Good people, good times, great weather, and of course a beer after!

We went mountain biking with a big group of our friends the day before our wedding and had the most fun that day! Good people, good times, great weather, and of course a beer after!

What's your favorite workout?

It depends on the season. In traditional workout terms however, Brad does CrossFit 4-5 days a week, and I take Barre classes 3-4 days a week.

Do you follow a particular diet?

We stick to a fairly gluten free diet due to some health reasons. We have eaten strict Paleo and Whole30 before but we don’t maintain those diets on a 100% basis. Overall, we keep up on veggies, limit sugars, and drink lots of water.

What's your favorite go-to snack?

An apple and almond butter.

What's your favorite non-health food? (Ice cream, candy, or perhaps a cocktail?)

All of the above?!

What's your next fitness goal?

Continue to improve skill levels of all our favorite sports!

Where do you see you and your hubby in 10 years from now? Dream big!

Living in a container home somewhere in the woods...and by a lake...but not far from the ocean. Traveling as much as we can, still doing all the same things, just less work and more play.

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imagery provided by Chris Klas Photo via two bright lights.