Angoleta & Jake

Hiking has strengthened our minds and our relationship. Being outdoors surrounded by trees and silence and openly communicating with each other has been amazing!

First things first, how did you and your significant other meet?

We met in high school, I was in 9th grade, Jake was in 11th and I had the biggest crush on a 16-year-old football player. We connected years later while he no longer lived in Florida but often came back to visit. We were long distance for 8 months till I made the move to Georgia to be with Jake. 

How did he propose? Was it a surprise?

At an Ed Sheeran concert during the song "Perfect" it was my absolute favorite the day he released that album! It was a total surprise!! Looking back on it, he was acting strange that day, which is hilarious now!

At what point did the two of you start to incorporate fitness into our routine? Or, was fitness something that started for you prior to meeting?

We were both big into fitness prior to dating. Every time I would come to visit him in Georgia we would go to Kennesaw Mountain for hikes, walks on the trails, and still went to the gym together every morning. Since moving to Georgia and living together our weekday gym schedules are different, but we still workout every Saturday morning and like to do something outdoors and active on Sundays together! 

What's your favorite fitness activity? Do you and your significant other do the same sport?

We both love hiking, trails, and going to the gym as a general day to day workout! We also just recently signed up for a Spring 2018 Co-Ed Flag Football League! He has played regular and flag football all his life and I haven't played flag since high school, so this should be interesting and fun to do together! 

What prompted your interest in the aforementioned activity? How long have you been doing it now?

Going to the gym became a regular habit of mine in 2013. I was 22 and had reached that point of being overweight thinking to myself "this is enough, how did this happen... DO something about it!" As of right now, since then I have lost a total of 65 pounds and love my healthy lifestyle.

Hiking (which I couldn't do much of living in Florida) specifically was a great relationship builder for us whenever I would visit Jake, while we were long distance in 2015 and still is to this day. We talk about everything while hiking and strolling along the trail! It's a great way for us to clear our minds, bounce ideas off each other, and talk about exciting things in the future! 


What is your goal with participating in this particular sport or activity? To get stronger, lose weight, or for pure enjoyment?

I get my day to day gym workouts done to stay healthy and fit. I am of course trying to lose a little more weight for the wedding also!! Hiking on the weekends allows us both to stay active together but relax and enjoy being outdoors!

What exactly does training for this sport entail? Can you describe some of the exercises/movements?

Since we enjoy multiple activities, we generally keep our cardio strong! Cardio health is of course important and crucial for many physical activities.

How has this sport/activity changed your body? Are you happy with those changes?

Running and hiking has really leaned out my legs and I love it! Running has tightened up my core since I started to focus on improving cardio, and hiking allows me to stay active on rest days (or when its a cheat day!).


 Is this sport/activity a big part of your relationship? In what ways?

Our daily gym grind is something we talk about on a daily basis, it’s our Saturday morning routine together, and something we simply just relate to everyday. Hiking on the other hand has strengthened our minds and our relationship. Being outdoors surrounded by trees and silence and openly communicating with each other has been amazing!

When I moved to Georgia it intensified our commitment to working out and being active. We were both already self-motivated but being together every day motivated us even more! We have both lost 15 pounds since we were able to spend every day with each other.

Do you relate any elements of this sport/activity to marriage?

Our regular gym routine requires daily motivation and commitment and is an important element for a marriage. On the other hand....NATURE! Being surrounded by nature can do amazing things for your mind, body and soul. Experiencing it together has allowed us to be very open with each other and develop great communication in our relationship.

Do you plan to add any touches to your wedding day that are representative of your love for this sport/activity?

We love to be adventurous.... We are getting married in GREECE, then honeymooning to Italy and Spain! We can’t wait to get workouts in on the beach, run along the beautiful mountainous roads and hills, and hike to amazing views we've never seen before! 


What's your favorite workout?

I can't choose! Changing it up and trying new workouts is always interesting! 

If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about your diet, too. Do you follow a particular program, such as the Zone Diet, Paleo, Whole30, etc?

I work a busy Monday - Friday 8 to 5. Isagenix on my busy weekdays has been a lifesaver! No meal prepping on the weekends over here! (Jake does this with me as well!) 2 meal shakes a day for breakfast and lunch, 2 healthy snacks a day, and a healthy balanced dinner (i.e chicken, brussel sprouts/or asparagus and a sweet potato). Now the shakes can get frustrating and hard to do on the weekends... I've done it, and honestly it makes me a little cranky. If we are busy and on the go, I will still have a shake on the weekends. But lately we have been making Whole 30 meals or the healthiest Blue Apron option available (sometimes they have whole 30 options)! And... obviously sometimes we splurge and go out to eat! Who doesn't!?

What's your favorite go-to snack?

Emerald Natural Almonds or Mixed Berries!

What's your favorite non-health food? (Ice cream, candy, or perhaps a cocktail?)

Just one?! Ice cream, Tacos, and Skinny Margaritas! 

What's your next fitness goal?

I've lost a lot of weight and hit many plateaus along the way. Ideally, I would like to lose about 5 to 10 more pounds to be at my absolute best. BUT what I have learned is a scale does not determine a goal. My goal is to feel my best and be healthy!

 Where do you see you and your hubby in 10 years from now? Dream big!

I see us doing A LOT of traveling creating unforgettable memories and adventures together. I see us always pushing each other to be the best that we can be in every way. Most importantly I see us happy and in love!