Anissa & Joshua

Fitness takes devotion and patience.
You don’t see results right away.
Marriage is the same in that aspect.


First things first, how did you and your significant other meet?

At the gym. :) 

How did he propose? Was it a surprise?

At reunion tower overlooking Dallas, TX and very surprised!

At what point did the two of you start to incorporate fitness into our routine? Or, was fitness something that started for you prior to meeting?

Prior to meeting!

What's your favorite fitness activity? Do you and your significant other do the same sport?

Lifting weights and outdoor running. Yes we do!

What prompted your interest in the aforementioned activity? How long have you been doing it now?

Over 5 years! Just bettering our lives.


What is your goal with participating in this particular sport or activity? To get stronger, lose weight, or for pure enjoyment?

Enjoyment and overall health.

What exactly does training for this sport entail? Can you describe some of the exercises/movements?

Weight lifting!

How has this sport/activity changed your body? Are you happy with those changes?

Love the changes! Confidence is up and so is our health.

Is this sport/activity a big part of your relationship? In what ways?

Yes because we were devoted to fitness before we met and it’s something we both incorporate into our everyday routines.

Do you relate any elements of this sport/activity to marriage?

Yes! Fitness takes devotion and patience. You don’t see results right away. Marriage is the same in that aspect.


Did you add any fitness details to your wedding day that are representative of your love for this sport/activity?

We had a “45 lb plate” grooms cake and weightlifting cake toppers

What's your favorite workout?


If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about your diet, too. Do you follow a particular program, such as the Zone Diet, Paleo, Whole30, etc?

Macro dieting.


What's your favorite go-to snack?

Greek yogurt and fruit!

What's your favorite non-health food? (Ice cream, candy, or perhaps a cocktail?)

Wine and ice cream!

What's your next fitness goal?

Run a half marathon.

Where do you see you and your hubby in 10 years from now? Dream big!

2 kids and living in a huge house in Dallas, loving the Lord and each other.


Imagery provided by tony & Elena smith via TwoBrightLights.