10 Things to do in New York in a Single Day

Good morning and happy Columbus day! Are you off of work? Hopefully you are, and you're enjoying this three-day weekend! I've had a full weekend, traveling to New York and back on Saturday... Yes, there and back in a single day! It was a whirlwind but so worth it! It's International Bridal Week in New York, which means all the wedding bloggers, photographers, and planners are in the city attending shows. The advertisers I work with to generate income for this blog, BrideClick, hosted a cocktail party Saturday for bloggers like myself and it was a great opportunity to meet the BrideClick team, and others in the industry! I was especially excited to meet-up with my friend Jessica from BudgetSavvyBride! We've emailed a few times and, well, it was wonderful to finally meet her in person. (Hey Jessica!!!)

I got into the city around 2 o'clock and went straight to Culture Espresso, a little coffee shop I read about on Yelp. I plugged in my computer, phone and camera to charge up and enjoyed a latte and giant chocolate chip cookie (yum)!

New York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick TripNew York Brideclick Trip

Around 4 pm, I headed toward West 54th to meet Jessica for dinner. It was about a 30-minute walk from where I was on W 34th but I had a fun time walking and snapping pictures along the way!

We ate at El Cenrto and both the food and the atmosphere were great! I could have sat there all night! We headed to Disiac for the BrideClick happy hour around 6 and it was wonderful. I met the Editors of How He Asked, Elizabeth Anne Designs and Something Turquoise. All were sweet, sweet girls! (Hey ladies!!!) We talked about blogging, social meida, and time management. Sounds boring but for me, it was great!

Brideclick happy hour Jessica

After the cocktail hour (around 8:30), I hailed a cab back across town to catch the bus home. I was sleepy from the cocktails, which worked out great cause when I woke up, I was already in Maryland, and not long after that, we pulled into Union Station!

I posted to Instagram that my mom really inspired this trip and it's true! I was THIS close to not going (too much of a hassle, too expensive; I had a 100 reasons) but I'm so, so glad I went!

Ever considered making a day trip to New York?

Here's some ideas for making the most of your limited time in the big city! 

1. Go to Bryant Park.

2. Check out Culture Espresso.

3. Take pictures... lots of them! 

4. Get a photo in front of the Hope sign

5. Try El Centro (the chicken nachos are delicious!) 

6. Oh, and have a frozen margarita while you're there! 

7. Exchange business cards with someone; big things are happening in New York! 

8. Go shopping! 5th Avenue is right near where the bus lets off and there's tons of shopping there!

9. Take a polaroid. Printed photos are underrated! 

10. Oh and, fall asleep on the bus home; it'll go by really fast that way!  

Have you ever gone out on a limb to attend an event you thought was important for your hobby or work? 

What's your favorite thing to do in New York?