Weekend Recap: Key Bridge Boathouse Kayaking

Good morning and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. On Saturday, we went to Georgetown to Kayak on the Potomac for the first time. It was. so. cool.


On the walk there we ran into this cute bistro. We had already eaten breakfast but I wanted to try something so I ordered the ginger watermelon lemonade. It was delicious (but pricey at $6)!


As soon as we got to the Key Bride boathouse, I got excited! The kayaks are so colorful and there's just an awesome all-around vibe. They were playing reggae and everyone was really nice and laid back. The boathouse itself is adorable!

IMG_69382013-08-18_0020 2013-08-18_0021 2013-08-18_00222013-08-18_0025

We had to fill out a short waiver-- I thought the first bullet under "please read and initial" was pretty funny:  "If the boat turns over and/or I find myself in the water, I will hold on to the boat because it floats." Of course I will!

2013-08-18_0023There was a line for stand-up paddle boating, but kayakers could walk right down to the pier.


So we suited up and headed for it!

2013-08-18_00282013-08-18_0027 I didn't take my phone in the water because we knew there was a chance we could flip, but good news: we didn't! The kayak was surprisingly sturdy (even getting in and out of it) and the water was calm. We spent about an hour paddling around. There were a lot of other kayakers, people on stand-up paddle boats, and in canoes. You can even bring your dog out with you! We saw quite a few dogs.

I got a little emotional when we first got out onto the water. I couldn't help but think of Rivaud, and how proud of us she would be. The whole enviornment really reminded me of her too.

We spent the whole time talking, which was really nice. It reminded me a lot of hiking, because we didn't have the distraction of our phones - it was just us and nature!

When we got back, we were charged for one hour which is only $20 for the double kayak (single kayaks are $15 an hour). I thought that was a steal! (Especially considering I had just paid close to $6 for lemonade!)

If you live in this area or you're visiting. I highly recommend this activity. It was really cool to see the DC area from a new perspective (the water!), and there's not many places you can do something so fun and outdoorsy!

We spent the rest of the day walking around Georgetown. We stopped at Good Stuff Eatery for a burger, then headed home. We were both exhausted from the day! But it was definitely a great one!

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever been kayaking?