spring clothes

Workout Clothes: Come On Spring

Good morning guys and happy weekend! Since my Get Motivated March series bumped Fashion Friday yesterday I thought I'd pop in today with this #comeonspring look I put together! I really love these colors and cannot wait to be able to walk outside in shorts and a tank top! I'm so over the cold! The good news is that it's supposed to be in the 60s in DC today, so I'm looking forward to that!ComeonspringI'm not as pumped about 14.2 as I was about 14. 1 because the workout requires chest-to-bar pull-ups and I can't even do regular pull-ups! However, I'm still excited to spend my Saturday at my box cheering on the other competitors! I'm bringing my camera again, as well so next week there will be a full recap of the event! I also want to share that a few things change for me next week... as some of you may know, I work for the Federal Government. I've been at the same agency for 4 years, but I was recently granted to opportunity to go on a detail! A detail is a fancy Government word meaning a temporary job assignment! So, beginning Monday, I will be working in a new office with new people doing a different type of work. I'm really excited about it and looking forward to the change, but with change comes challenges as well! I'm leaving behind my work gym and salad club (sniff, sniff)! I'm looking forward to experimenting, though and incorporating some new habits into my routine!