Discuss: Five Favorites

Hello again! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things today and thought it'd be fun if you played along!  Share your favorites in the comments!

Favorite Time of Day:

I recently discovered this! At the end of my work day, when I change into my gym clothes, it's the best feeling ever! There are some days I tell myself I don't want to go to CrossFit, because it's been a long day and I'm tired, but as soon as I get changed, I feel energized and excited!

Favorite Food:

A big ole' salad! In the evening, I like nothing more than making a huge salad with lots of throw-ins. The other night I had a salad with chunks of sweet potato and sunflower seeds. I only used oil and vinegar as dressing, but it was delicious! The following night, I stopped by the grocery store on the way to my mom's for dinner and made this salad at the salad bar - it was so good! I could live off salad alone!


Favorite Store:

Can I have two? Ann Taylor and Loft! Loft is usually a little more affordable, but this weekend I went to the Ann Taylor outlet and there were some great sales! I snagged this top and skirt for less than $25! :)


Favorite Song:

This changes quite frequently because I listen to the songs I like over and over, and eventually get sick of them! But at least for this week I'm loving Jay-Z's Part II (On the Run) feat. Beyonce. (Side note: I'm a HUGE Beyonce fan!!)

Favorite Quote:


What's your favorite quote? Favorite food or time of day?

Share your favorites in the comments! 

What's your favorite song? Time of day? And favorite food? 

"Me Day" Highlights

Morning friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was great -- I had a "me day" on Saturday and it was wonderful! (I talk about what a "me day" is here and it's one of my April goals to have a "me day" this month!) I started the day at CrossFit. The workout was Elizabeth: 21, 15, 9 Cleans & Ring Dips. The Rx weight for women was 95 lbs, but I knew that was probably a little too heavy for me. I warmed up with 65 lbs which felt easy, but then when I added 10s, and was up to 85 lbs, it suddenly felt really hard! With so many reps I decided to go with 75 lbs, but halfway through the workout I knew I went to light. I finished in a little less than 9 minutes and was totally kicking myself-- I should have challenged myself more! I know for next time!

10151945_765203633504660_4351986148702281699_nI did rock a new tanktop on Saturday: "When in doubt, work it out!" Getting to CrossFit has been tough these last few weeks with my new schedule, so this has been my motto!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.51.26 AM

After showering and eating breakfast I headed to the nail salon. I had an appointment for the works-- a pedicure, gel manicure and to get my eyebrows waxed. When I got there and sat in the chair, my favorite magazine, People's Style Watch was already right there! Ahhh, let the relaxation begin!!

Magazine & Pedicure

On a side note, I'm one of those weird people that takes photos of things they see in magazines. People always look at me like I'm crazy when I do it but it's just so that I can reference things later... is that odd? Anyway, I'm loving this trend towards crop tops and high-waisted skirts!  I'm also loving  and this aqua green color I'm seeing everywhere!

People Style Watch

I snapped a photo of this DIY fruit peel thinking that might be fun to try in the future!

People Style Watch

Everyone at the nail salon had Starbucks and after my appointment, I was so sleepy I decided to splurge and get a coffee frappuccino. I noticed Starbucks is rolling out a new line of pastries called La Boulange and I'm obsessed with the branding--  I love anything pink and ultra feminine. It matched my nails so I took a moment to capture the prettiness! :)

Starbucks & ManicureI headed to Sears next and got a few new shirts and necklaces for work. EVERYTHING was on sale in Sears and I had a 15 percent off coupon so I felt pretty good about my purchases!

New ShirtsAfter that I had lunch with Aaron and then headed to mom's for awhile - she's moving and I helped her pack a little. Then I headed to Old Navy (I had the shopping bug) but I was beginning to feel exhausted! I finally went home and I don't know what happened, but I got a sudden burst of energy and decided to rearrange my apartment! I love to switch things up, especially when the season is changing and I have to say: the new arrangement looks fantastic! I'm loving it! (I'll share pictures soon!)

All and all it was a perfect "me day" - pampering, shopping, redecorating! Maybe I can squeeze one of these days in every month! :)

What did you do this weekend? Have you ever had a me day?

Style: Meet My Personal Shopper, Kim

I've been anticipating writing this post for a month! I'm so excited to finally introduce my new friend, Kim and tell you about our arrangement! It's awesome! First, though, let me backup and explain: I never thought I'd be saying meet my personal shopper, cause I never thought I'd have one! But, when Kim came to my house for a free closet clean-out, one thing became very clear -- I needed a personal shopper. Bad.


What the closet clean-out revealed:

-I don't take very good care of my clothes; almost everything hanging was inside out!

-I don't like my clothes (I sent Kim out with 2 full trash bags); and

-I'm completely overwhelmed when it comes to shopping and dealing with my wardrobe.

When Kim arrived, I started pulling clothes out out of my closet, sharing where each piece came from, and how I felt about it. The process further revealed:

-I don't buy quality clothes; I go for the cheapest pieces I can find.

-Most of the quality clothes I do own are gifts from someone else.

-I don't always wear the quality pieces I've been gifted because I don't know how to style them. Case in point - I got a really nice fur vest last Christmas and have never. worn. it. 


-I do have a few quality pieces but only because I bought them for upcoming event; they're mostly dresses.

-I don't have basics, i.e. solid colored tops, white tees, or camisoles.

-And according to Kim, my shoe collection is lacking! She kept asking, "Where are all your shoes??"

In my own defense, I don't think I lack fashion sense because I can put an outfit together, but the real issue is that I don't like shopping and never do it. It may sound weird to some of you, but I don't like the mall -- the crowds and all the walking! I'm also very indecisive and often feel overwhelmed by all the choices.

When I do happen to shop, it's difficult to commit to buying anything. I'm notorious for taking pictures of outfits or pieces I like but walking out empty-handed. So crazy!

Budgeting for Clothes:

I also realized clothes are not part of my budget. I don't intentinally set aside money for clothes or really worry about it much. I might buy something if I happen to be at the mall, but chances are, I'll take a picture of it and plan to go back, "when I have money." (I never make it back because I never set aside money!)

So, just like that, I spilled the beans to Kim sharing one revelation after another and let me tell ya, it felt great! It was so therapeutic and enlightening... it felt really good to finally acknowledge these issues!

When Kim offered to do some shopping for me, I figured "Why not! I'll give it a try." Obviously, what I had been buying (or not buying) wasn't working.

Then, Kim actually cleaned out my closet - organizing my shoes and purses, and turning my clothes from inside out. She did an amazing job and offered organizational tips along the way. Her biggest pet peeve - wire hangers! "No wire hangers," she told me!Kim-Quote-2

She also suggested I fold my cardigans so that I don't distort their shape with hangers...  Smart girl! None of this had occurred to me prior.

As soon as Kim left, I hopped on Pinterest and created a shared board, which I titled Notes to My Personal Shopper. I was really excited to pin things and share with her what I like and the way I want to dress (versus the way I actually do).

Within minutes, Kim was pinning, too and commenting on my picks. It was seriously the funnest night ever, dreaming up my new, sophisticated style!

The board description is appropraitely named: Operation Sara Needs Style! Let's do this! Haha.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 11.06.16 PM

Next week I'll tell you how Kim brought Pinterest to my closet and all that I've learned from her already! Later this month I'll also share a few of my new outfits!

What would your closet clean-out reveal? 

Do you have questions about what it's like to have a personal shopper? I'll try to answer them in upcoming posts!

*Kim is owner of Catch 22 Boutique online and currently lives in Washington, DC. Her and co-founder, Lauren, are a team specializing in luxury consignment, closet clean-outs and organization, personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and interior design. Her website is launching later this month, but if you're interested in any of her services, reach out to her via email