Fashion Friday: Reebok Nano 4.0s

You might have seen on Instagram that I'm trying out the new Reebok Nano 4.0s. I got a pair in this awesome mint and tiffany blue color. Naturally, when I first saw them, my mind went straight to "What do I have in my workout wardrobe that's this color?"

Cause matching while working out is super important, right? Riiiight! :)

Well, I can tell you there's not enough in my closet... I started browsing online and I found more than one cute mint-colored top! So, I thought I'd ask you, What's Your Workout Style? Polka dots or pineapples?


Mint Razorback Tank / Reebok Nanos 4.0 / Pineapple Tank / Animal Print Volleyball Shorts

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Are you for the pineapple or polka dots top? 

Are you into tiffany blue or mint? 

Fashion Friday: Customize Reebok Shoes

It's FRRRRRRIDAY! That's how I feel today! Super excited that it's FRIDAY, the weekend is upon us, and Monday is a holiday! Woo hoo! I'm already planning out the days to get in everything I want to do, like meal prep, crossfit, and some picture-taking for the blog!  I'm also pretty excited because I think Fit for a Bride had a fabulous week! There was the interview with Gina about giving up sugar on Monday, and our citrus chicken recipe with Kit yesterday; not to mention a beautiful real engagement and real wedding! As you can see, I'm not holding anything back anymore! I have a lot of content stored up and I'm letting it loose!

You might notice a few small changes on the blog, too. I've added buttons on my sidebar so that you can easily get to posts about crossfit, my weight loss journey, and salad club! This blog is a constant work in progress - I'm always tweaking it - so please let me know if you say a change you really like or don't (wink wink, Kristy)!



Victoria Secret T-Shirt  / Reebok Shorts & Sneakers /  H&M Sports Bra / WOD Authority Socks

Did you hear that you can customize Reebok shoes now? I want a pair!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you off on Monday?

Fashion Friday: Weight Lifting in Style

Hello there and happy Friday! Today's workout outfit was inspired by the crazy wod I did last Saturday, which made me realize just how much I love the weight lifting portion of CrossFit.

Though you might hear a lot about the sprints, burpees, and pull-ups, there's a whole lotta weight lifting in CrossFit, too, which personally, I LOVE. (Yep, love it with all caps!) It's funny, too because back before my wedding when I first started weight lifting (in a traditional gym with weight machines and free weights) I hated it! Up until a few months ago, I dreaded the weight lifting I'd do with my trainer at lunch, which again, was done in a traditional gym with machines and free weights... Back then, I'd take cardio over chest presses any day!  But now... now that I'm doing olympic lifts - with a barbell - I LOVE IT!

As of today, I've done exactly 20 CrossFit classes and my favorites have been the ones that included hang power cleans, clean and jerks, back squats -- something with the barbell! So when I found this Rack City tank, I squealed! Granted, I'm a long way from really racking my barbell, but I still love this tank. It gives me hope!

I paired it with the Reebok Women's CrossFit Lifter Training Shoes, which I'm also coveting, and a pair of Reebok shorts. Isn't this outfit hot? I LOVE IT!


Solid Olympic Chrome Barbell | Olympic Plate Weight Set

Rack City Tank | Reebok Women's CrossFit Lifter Training Shoe | Reebok CrossFit Board Short

This weekend I'm headed to Williamsburg for a little R&R! Our schedule has been crazy lately because my husband started a new job and we commute to work together now! (That means I get up a lot earlier!) Anyway, I'm hoping to spend some time on the FFAB editorial calendar and schedule some awesome September posts! I'm excited about several new recipes and more industry interviews!

What are your plans this weekend?

Do you like weight lifting?  

Fashion Friday: Reebok-Crossfit Clothes

Like I mentioned, I'm starting Crossfit soon. In honor of that I thought I'd put together an all-reebok outfit. Reebok is the official crossfit sponsor! Crossfit-Outfit

Fit 2 Kick Ass Top $28 / Reebok Crossfit Chase Short $19 / Reebok Crossfit Racerback Bra $21 / Classic Nylon Slim $55 / Reebok Headband $12

 And yes.. I do hope to be wearing those itty bitty shorts one day!

Do you do crossfit?

What do you wear?