Fashion Friday: Printed Leggings

Good morning and happy Friday!! You guys have probably come to expect a Fashion Friday post from me today, sharing cute workout outfits, and I've really come to love this feature. I'm obsessed with sourcing cool workout clothes online and if you haven't already, you should definitely follow my Workout Clothes board on Pinterest! It's always growing! However, despite my online obsession, my wardrobe isn't the best reflection of all my pins. In fact, my workout wardrobe is pretty lame! It's old gym clothes, a few pieces off the sale rack from Target and Old Navy -- nothing fancy... Until recently! On Black Friday last year I went to the Under Armor outlet in Williamsburg and picked up a pair of super funky, printed leggings - pink printed leggings! - and though deep down, I loved them and wanted to be THAT girl that wore the cool workout gear, I was totally nervous about them! The first time I did actually (I wore them to CrossFit - you can see a picture of them here), I turned to my husband in a panic and asked, "Do these look ridiculous?" To which he responded, "No! Those are hot!" Of course, I wanted to take his word for it but I still felt pretty self-conscious, then, something weird happened: the workout started - heavy cleans and box jumps - I got hot, sweaty, into my workout mode, and all the sudden -- felt totally badass in my new digs!! HELL YEA PRINTED LEGGINGS! Lol!

I think working out is a lot about having a can-do attitude and looking the part can really enhance your experience. Who's with me? I put together this collage of other funky leggings - they're a bit pricey, but I'd like to start building my workout wardrobe to match my posts! I'd love to know: which is your favorite?


Note: The Stripes Chaturanga Pants not shown in the Product Grid below are available here.

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Fashion Friday: Pink & Yellow

Getting back to working out after nine days away has been a litle rough, but I'm determined to get back into my routine. Two of my biggest workout motivations are music and clothes -- what can I say, I'm a girly girl -- and I'm excited to wear new nanos to CrossFit this weekend!  ... And finally retire the sneakers I ran a marathon in two years ago! (It was definitely their time to go!) These Fashion Friday posts have been a great resource for me for shopping for workout clothes, because well, I'm not really the shopping type. You guys know my wardrobe has major holes and workout clothes is one of them! The last few months I've focused more on casual clothes because that's what was lacking the most in my closet but, I'm going to try to add more workout clothes to my wardrobe this year -- I workout enough! I should have more than 3 sports bras, sheesh! And why not have a cute zipfront one like this?


Spalding Women's Leggings // Nike Women's LunarGlide 5 Print // Nike Women's Pro Zipfront Bra // AMC Women's Lace Razorback Tank

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Fashion Friday: Nike Fuel Band {Splurge}

Good morning and happy Friday friends! I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration! We saw fireworks on the National Mall! It was a spectacular show! This weekend I plan to go grocery shopping and prep for our first official week trying the Paleo lifestyle! I'm excited to meal prep because I haven't done it in awhile, but I'm a little nervous about not having creamer in my morning coffee! Haha. I'm going to pickup some coconut cream and hope I like it! Anyway, stay tuned this weekend (possibly even later today) for a calendar of suggested Paleo meals. If you can clean out your pantry and get to the grocery store this weekend, we'd love for you to start the Whole30 challenge with us beginning THIS monday! More on this to come. Today's workout outfit is a total splurge -- after all, the Fuel Band itself is $150!

I've heard mixed reviews about the Fuel Band, but I've always loved the design. It's super sleek and stylish!


Nike Top $20 / Running Shorts $15 / Fuel Band $150/ Nike Air Max Fusion Training shoe $85

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