Discuss: Five Favorites

Hello again! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things today and thought it'd be fun if you played along!  Share your favorites in the comments!

Favorite Time of Day:

I recently discovered this! At the end of my work day, when I change into my gym clothes, it's the best feeling ever! There are some days I tell myself I don't want to go to CrossFit, because it's been a long day and I'm tired, but as soon as I get changed, I feel energized and excited!

Favorite Food:

A big ole' salad! In the evening, I like nothing more than making a huge salad with lots of throw-ins. The other night I had a salad with chunks of sweet potato and sunflower seeds. I only used oil and vinegar as dressing, but it was delicious! The following night, I stopped by the grocery store on the way to my mom's for dinner and made this salad at the salad bar - it was so good! I could live off salad alone!


Favorite Store:

Can I have two? Ann Taylor and Loft! Loft is usually a little more affordable, but this weekend I went to the Ann Taylor outlet and there were some great sales! I snagged this top and skirt for less than $25! :)


Favorite Song:

This changes quite frequently because I listen to the songs I like over and over, and eventually get sick of them! But at least for this week I'm loving Jay-Z's Part II (On the Run) feat. Beyonce. (Side note: I'm a HUGE Beyonce fan!!)

Favorite Quote:


What's your favorite quote? Favorite food or time of day?

Share your favorites in the comments! 

What's your favorite song? Time of day? And favorite food? 

Fashion Friday: Dance Party Clothes

Hey all! Happy Friday!!

How was your week? Did you do any arms exercises? I've been trying to do a little something everyday and I think it's working! We'll see at the end of the month if there's a noticeable difference.

I wanted to post a dance party splurge outfit today because I've been really pumped and motivated by music lately! I love how they turn it up really loud during crossfit, and there's a few songs I'm utterly obsessed with at the moment ("I love it," by Icona Pop) [I may or may not have just stopped writing this post to have a dance party around my apartment]!

I'm a stickler for pop music and I like a little hip hop and rap, too! My husband says it's cause I'm a club chick! Or at least used to be :) Lol!

Nowadays, I hardly ever go to the club, but I wouldn't mind jammin' out in these blue ombre pants at a gym somewhere...

Dance-Party 1. Hard Tail Shirred Knee Length Legging $77

2. Beats by Dre $280

3. Surf Stitch Amazing Tank $34

4. Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe $60

This is a definite splurge with the beats by Dre costing close to $300!! Would you spend that much on headphones?

What song makes you break out into a dance party? 

Happy weekend!