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Must-Have Motivational T-Shirts

Hey guys! Happy Friday! How are you? I've been doing great, but I've been busy, too! There's a lot happening behind-the-scenes over here! My mind has been reeling since the Blogging as a Business Seminar with Meg Biram, and because I have so many ideas, I'm needed to alot more time for those projects. That means less time for blogging! :( I hope you'll understand this is an intentional effort to bring you better content, though, and not at all me being neglectful. Hope you're as excited as me for what's around the ben - it's a lot! 2014 is going to be a GREAT year!

So, anyway, you guys know I love creating workout outfits, and my inspiration comes from all the awesome motivational t-shirts out there. There's so many I decided to compile a list of favorites - or rather, a list of must-haves! Here they are:


 NoBull Woman Apparel


 Everyday I'm Hustlin / Act Like a Lady


Train Insane / Suck it up buttercup


Work in Progress / Train like a beast


You Got This / Fck being fat


Strong is the New Skinny / One More Rep

What is your favorite motivation t-shirt?

Do you like wearing motivational tees?  

Monday Motivation

Motivation-Strength Your Monday Motivation! (See previous ones here.)

This totally applies to me... especially with crossfit! I've said "I can't do this," so many times walking into a class (looking at rope climbs or pull-ups) and then, BOOM. I do it... or at least try and find it's not as hard as I thought.

As a result? I'm getting a lot stronger!

What "I can't" things have you overcome lately?