{Engaged} Megan & Luke by Hannah Seay Photography

Good morning + Happy Columbus Day! I'm excited to share this charming, rustic engagement shoot today from Hannah Seay Photography. The bride, Megan, is totally fashionable and I love her outfit choices! She wears one more subtle, soft dress and another bright, funnier choice! Perfection!

Here's a little about Megan + her groom, Luke:

From Megan:

Luke and I met and became friends about 4 years ago. After hanging out with the same group of friends, Luke asked me out on a date. I, of course, told him no and that we were just friends and that I didn't want to ruin that. Finally after about two and a half years of turning him down, he told me that I needed to give him one date and that if after that one date I wasn't interested, he would stop trying. We went on that one date and the rest is history.

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Photographer:  Hannah Seay Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Congratulations Megan + Luke!

Where are you taking your engagement pictures? 

Do you have your outfits picked out?