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Fashion Friday: Pink & Yellow

Getting back to working out after nine days away has been a litle rough, but I'm determined to get back into my routine. Two of my biggest workout motivations are music and clothes -- what can I say, I'm a girly girl -- and I'm excited to wear new nanos to CrossFit this weekend!  ... And finally retire the sneakers I ran a marathon in two years ago! (It was definitely their time to go!) These Fashion Friday posts have been a great resource for me for shopping for workout clothes, because well, I'm not really the shopping type. You guys know my wardrobe has major holes and workout clothes is one of them! The last few months I've focused more on casual clothes because that's what was lacking the most in my closet but, I'm going to try to add more workout clothes to my wardrobe this year -- I workout enough! I should have more than 3 sports bras, sheesh! And why not have a cute zipfront one like this?


Spalding Women's Leggings // Nike Women's LunarGlide 5 Print // Nike Women's Pro Zipfront Bra // AMC Women's Lace Razorback Tank

Are you into workout clothes?

Do they motivate you? 

Fashion Friday: Customize Reebok Shoes

It's FRRRRRRIDAY! That's how I feel today! Super excited that it's FRIDAY, the weekend is upon us, and Monday is a holiday! Woo hoo! I'm already planning out the days to get in everything I want to do, like meal prep, crossfit, and some picture-taking for the blog!  I'm also pretty excited because I think Fit for a Bride had a fabulous week! There was the interview with Gina about giving up sugar on Monday, and our citrus chicken recipe with Kit yesterday; not to mention a beautiful real engagement and real wedding! As you can see, I'm not holding anything back anymore! I have a lot of content stored up and I'm letting it loose!

You might notice a few small changes on the blog, too. I've added buttons on my sidebar so that you can easily get to posts about crossfit, my weight loss journey, and salad club! This blog is a constant work in progress - I'm always tweaking it - so please let me know if you say a change you really like or don't (wink wink, Kristy)!



Victoria Secret T-Shirt  / Reebok Shorts & Sneakers /  H&M Sports Bra / WOD Authority Socks

Did you hear that you can customize Reebok shoes now? I want a pair!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you off on Monday?

Fashion Friday + We Got a New Look!

Hey guys! Notice anything different? It'd be impossible not to! Fit for a Bride got a makeover! Yay! We have a slider now - highlighting popular posts - and I especially love the excerpt layout. Now, rather than scrolling through page after page of the blog, you can easily see all our content, and choose (by clicking an excerpt) what you want to read! Before, I felt like each new post was burying the last, and if you were new to the blog, it'd be impossible to see all that it had to offer - all our recipes and weight loss stories. But not anymore! There's still quite a few kinks that need to be ironed out, so please bear with me. I still need to add featured images to each excerpt and format the various pages (those of have changed too! Now you'll see categories such as weight loss, recipes, fashion/beauty, etc., on the menu bar). I also need to get my sidebar in order!

Speaking of sidebar, you've probably noticed I no longer have an ad on the site. I went back and forth about it whether to keep it or reformat the blog - I had to chose between the two, but ultimately, I realized my reader's experience was far more important than a few dollars a month (I wasn't making that much with the ad anyway). I'll touch on this a little later as more changes come, but for now, I'm pretty excited about our facelift! I'd love to hear what you think.

Now onto our regular scheduled programming - Fashion Friday! Here's a new pink + purple ensemble I put together to for leg day! Though, with crossfit, it feels like everyday is leg day! The squats have felt endless lately, which inspired this outfit:


Tank / Pants / Shoes / Headband

I think for $115 this outfit is a total steal, especially considering it includes a fresh pair of Nikes!

What do you think? Is $115 too much to spend on workout clothes? Even with shoes included?

What do you think of the new layout? Love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts!

Oh, and happy FRIDAY!! By Monday things should be organized around here so don't be a stranger! In the meantime, have a great a weekend!

Shop: Fit for a Bride Apparel (Coming Soon)

Morning loves! Happy Friday!

This week, I have something a little different for our "fashion Fridays."

Check out these apparel mock-ups I created for the soon-to-be Fit for a Bride shop! Eek!


FFAB-Tank-1FFAB-Tank  FFAB-T-Shirt

When I started this blog I knew that eventually there would be at least three parts to the FFAB brand: blog, shop, and bootcamp. Of course, these things take time and I'm not a hurry, but it's really fun to brainstorm and play in Photoshop ways to make these dreams a reality! Of course, I'm dying to know what you think and if this is something you'd buy! Please leave a comment and let me know which of these is your favorite and what other pieces you'd like to see offered!

Bootcamp T-ShirtWhat kind of apparel would you like to see sold? 

Are there any phrases you'd like to see on tanks and tees from Fit for a Bride?

I can't wait to hear what you guys think!!

Fashion Friday: Black & Rose {Splurge}

Happy Friday fit brides! I've got a workout *splurge* for today, but if you break it down it can also be considered a *save!* This cute tank from oGorgeous is only $10! I think several sizes are sold out, but Large is still available! Also, while $45 may seem like a lot for a gym bag, I had this bag in pink and used it for (wait for it) like 3 years! Hubs got it in blue and is still using his! Sometimes a little extra buck is worth it! Workout-Clothes-Splure-I-Love-Working-Out

I Love Working Out Tank $10 / Compression Shorts $15 / Aerie Sports Bra $20 / Nike Duffle $45

I'm not sure whether you noticed, but this week was a little all over the place posting/schedule-wise. I haven't had much time in the evenings prepare posts because we've been searching for an apartment! We're actually moving mid-April and while I'm very excited to have a new space to decorate (and a Fit for a Bride studio 2.o!), it's been tough finding the right property! We saw a really nice place last night and we're submitting the necessary paperwork to secure it today, so, please keep your fingers crossed for us! (Total bonus: it's within walking distance of Target! Eek!)

Later today, I am finally sharing Part Three of my Blogging Series :: FINDING AN IDENTITY :: Check back later this afternoon for the inside scoop on how I got my fab logo (centered as the header above) and this unique blog design!

Yay- Friday!