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Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Style

FashionFriday_WinerStyle Alright, truth time: I've been struggling to get to the gym this week!

I'm not sure if it's because I started a new job and I'm dealing with a totally new routine (including a horrendous commute) or whether it's the freezing cold keeping me away! Whatever it is, it's time to snap out of it!

Working out is my way of decompressing from the day. It's MY hour. An hour I don't really think, I just do. And when it's up and the endorphins are flowing I always feel so good. So refreshed! Now that I've started a new job I need that more than ever so the excuses have got to go! I was thinking a little fitness fashion might help the nudge! I love H&M workout clothes!! They're super affordable (~$25) and cute! I love these long-sleeve tops; perfect for winter workouts! AND THESE PANTS (also $25). LOVE! This down vest by NorthFace is quite a bit more expensive ($100) but TOTALLY WORTH IT. Hello warmth!

I've been wanting a pair of neutral colored Nanos, too. I love the porcelain! If I snag them they'll be my third pair! I think it's safe to say I'm making strides in improving my workout wardrobe. Woo hoo!

:: SHOP ::

NorthFace Down Vest $99 | Porcelain Reebok Nano 4.0s | H&M Sports Tights |

Seamless Sports Top (Fushia) | Workout bag

How do you stay warm to and from the gym?

Fashion Friday with Fabletics

Truth: I went shopping for Christmas gifts at Target. Spent $115. And walked out with one gift... two pillows, a sweater, and robe for myself. The struggle is REAL y'all! Buying only for others this holiday season!  It sounds so vain, but it's true. I can help but look, right? Anyone else experiencing this?

Another truth: Workout clothes are Target are really, really cute. I spent about 15 minutes browsing the activewear section, but you know what my issue is? Mixing, matching, and deciding what goes together! And what goes with what's already in my closet. It makes all the beautiful clothes suddenly feel very overwhelming!

This is the reason I recently became a member of Fabletics! Have you heard of it? I haven't bought anything yet, but the reviews are great: Lululemon-quality pants at a third of the price; pre-styled outfits (I love that part); and curated looks picked specially for your workout style sent directly to you. Opt to buy one of those outfits or, opt to skip the month. Whatever you do, you won't be spending more than about $50 per outfit. Yep, PER THE ENTIRE OUTFIT! Sounds pretty cool, huh? The clothes are cute, too!


Supposedly Fabletics has other perks too, through the VIP program; even refer-a-friend cash back. I'm so intrigued! Maybe like the capsule, this is the end of my workout wardrobe woes?

Are you just as hesitant to style your workout wardrobe?

Have you heard of Fabletics?  

PS: I'm really, really into these New Balance Retro Sneakers!! Who would have ever thought these were going to come back in style??

Fashion Friday & Get Motivated March // Week 3

Happy Friday friends! How's your week been? Mine has been really good! Tomorrow marks the end of my first full week at my new job and so far, I really like it! It's a lot busier than my other job, but I have a beautiful office and I really like the work I'll be doing... get this, I get to blog! Woohoo! I'm combining this week's Fashion Friday feature with preparations for Week 3 of Get Motivated March! How adorable is this Protein Shake tank? I love it!  I also love these Nike shorts and if it ever gets warmer, I plan to get a few pairs!




The Protein Shake Tank is available on Etsy here. I really love all the NobullWoman Apparel. They have Fit Mom tanks, too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.30 PM


Alright, so you haven't downloaded the Get Motivated calendar - it's never too late!

Get Motivated

And if you haven't done the first couple of challenges, jump right in!

March 16: Log Everyday!

I'm really excited to try to do this the entire week because I recently logged back into MyFitnessPal and I saw that theres been some nice updates! (Here's 10 Tips for Making the Most of MyFitnessPal!)

March 17: Cut Out Processed Foods!

This means fast food and packages lunches! Get creative and pack your lunch! Make a breakfast casserole or try overnight oats - I don't know where these have been all my life! It's been a delicious and filling way to start the day!


March 18: Drink Water First

I'm really trying to get in this habit but it's hard! I always always go for the coffee first, then water, but there are so many benefits to drinking water first thing!

March 19: Plan an Active Date

I'm actually already planning an active date with my girlfriends! We're supposed to be going to DivaFit for a pole dancing class! That should be fun, active and hilarious!

March 20: Make a Healthy Swap

I have a healthy swap posted planned for next week! I've realized there are some many healthy alternatives to the foods I once loved, and once I introduced those healthy swaps in my diet I never looked back! Especially with protein pancakes and spaghetti squash! I don't miss the other stuff!

March 21: Take the Stairs

I'm on the seventh floor in my building and a walk up the stairs would be a great midday workout! Looking forward to this!

March 22: Pass on the Booze!

It's pretty well-known that alcohol can sabotage diet efforts! Try passing on the booze this weekend, at least for one day!

I'm going to try to be better next week checking in with you guys on these challenges (as I do them) via social media! This week has just been crazy with my new job and I haven't had time to get on Instagram! I miss it, though!


Also, who's pumped for 14.3 of the Open? I am! Box jumps and deadlifts! I can do those so I'm stoked! Look for a full recap of the event Monday and to those of you competing - GOOD LUCK!

See my recaps of 14.1 and 14.2 here and here.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a great weekend!