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Fashion Friday: CrossFit Nano 3.0s and a Crop Top

Good morning and happy Friday! I woke up with the sorest biceps and forearms today! They're so tight I can hardly straighten my arms! Yikes! I think it's the after-effect of this crazy workout that consisted of 90 pull-ups. I used bands but nevertheless, it was obviously quite effective! Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.49.56 AM

I've been wanting a pair of CrossFit Nanos for awhile, but I'm not picky - I'll take the CrossFit Nano 2.0s. My hubby on the other hand, has been insisting we get the CrossFit Nano 3.0s for the "RopePro wraps," and who am I to argue? My rope climbs could use all the help they can get! Plus, I love the two-tone pink pair shown here. Perfect with all black workout ensemble, funky knee socks, and a crop top with bold white "DOPE" lettering.


Headband //  Reebok Socks // Dope Croptop  // Forever 21 Leggings // CrossFit Nano 3.0s

Speaking of crop tops. How do you feel about wearing them in the gym? I'm not that brave, but maybe one day! :)

Happy weekend friends!