10 Exercises for Better Arms

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing a few quick body weight exercises for better arms.

Arms are usually a bride's biggest concern!


I've been flexing as often as possible lately because ever since the arms challenge, which was an intentional effort to do at least one arm exercise a day, I swear I see baby biceps poppin! Then, last month, I took this before and after picture, which confirmed I had, indeed strengthened my arms. Yay!

I attribute the change (in part) to crossfit. Since I started, I definitely feel like I've gotten stronger, probably from doing so many things outside of my comfort zone - olympic lifts and things like rope climbs and pull-ups. Though, I think the body weight exercises I've been doing have helped too! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on strengthening your arms:

1.) Diamond Push-ups: Just regular ole push-ups! According to, "Pushups are a body weight resistance exercise, meaning they build muscles by resisting their motion using the weight of your own body." Push-ups also heavily work the pectoral muscles, which, personally, I love seeing pop up in flex!


diamond pushup

2.) Plank: Planks are great for shoulders, abs, everything. They're a very simple exercise (literally get down and hold), but very effective, too. Start off by trying to hold for 15 seconds, then 30, working your way up to a full minute.

3.) Bicep Curls: Bicep curls are THE exercise for building biceps! If you don't have free weights or access to a gym, you can use cans of soup!  

4.) Negative push-ups: My trainer loves these!  Start from a starting push-up position and slowly lower yourself. This is a good demonstration.

5.) Resistance Band Bicep Curls: There's so much you can do with resistance bands!- I really need to buy some to use at home. They are so versatile! One easy exercise that will work the bicep, is to step on the band and - while holding each end of the band - curl upward. Here's a few pictures to demonstrate.

Here's also 33 Resistance Bands Workouts you can do anywhere (from!

6.) Tricep Dips: These are great for the back of the arm (goodbye bat wings!) and they can be done on steps anywhere, whether it's at a park or the stairwell in your home. FitSugar has a great demonstration.

7.) Standing Tricep Extension: Hold the weight slightly behind your head with arms fully extended, and then bend the arms.

Tricep Extension

8.) Hammer Curls: Similiar to the bicep curl, but palms are facing inward instead of upward. This is a great movement for developing a bicep, and really easy.

hammer curls

9.) Dumbbell Shoulder Press: I love the shoulder press! There's nothing like sexy, sleek delts (the shoulder muscles). Presses are very easy, too. Simply press the dumbbells from shoulder height to the sky. This a great demonstration. (Again, use can use cans of soup if you don't have free weights!)

10.) Plank to push-ups: Ok, back to body weight! These are tough, but are great because not only do they work the arms, they work core, too!  Here's a demo.

Obviously push-ups are a good body weight movement and there are many variations. Personally, I have noticed leaning through my pectoral muslces, and I attribute that to push-ups!

I've also been thinking about doing 10 push-ups first thing every morning! Might sound crazy, but I'm really trying to be able to do a pull-up one day! And, hey, if the pay-off is great arms, shoulders, and chest, why not?

If you're not sure where to begin, try making workout sticks with these exercises written on them. Pick out 3-4 sticks and do 12 reps of each for 3 rounds. I guarantee you'll feel the burn if you do! 

What are your favorite body weight exercises?

Have you noticed a change in your arms since starting any programs?

*I realize I got away from "body weight" adding in a few dumbbell workouts here! I'd love to hear your favorite body weight exercises!