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Getting Our Christmas Tree & The Cookie Monster

Our parents never did real trees so it's kinda been our thing, which I love. This year, with our plans to leave for Italy two days after Christmas, I wasn't sure it was worth the hassle of a tree, but my husband insisted! He's a stickler for tradition. So, Sunday, during the light snow flurry we experienced, we decided it was time to carry out our yearly tradition and get our Christmas tree! In years past we went to privately owned lots and paid upwards of $75 for our real tree, but this year we just went to Home Depot and got our tree for just $35! It felt like a steal!



(Yea, so, um, I have braces now... more on that later.)


I didn't get a good picture of the tree all lit up because as soon as we strung the lights on it and flipped the switch, we realized half the lights were burned out! It took us a few days to get new lights and put ornaments on the tree, but it is officially done and I love it!


I'm really glad we finally got it together though because I LOVE the smell of a real Christmas tree and it's so nice and cozy to lay around and watch TV near it.


In other news, I've been feeling a bit like the cookie monster lately; is it just me? I had to ask - are your homes and offices filled with an abundance of cookies and brownies, and cakes and crap? Like HUGE cupcakes with green icing, and green and red chocolate chip cookies? My office holiday party is today and it's more cookies. It's CRAZY out here!

I've been thinking a lot about cookies lately though. My little sister called me the other night and told me she hasn't been eating that well. She's very active and plays volleyball (and even does Shawn T's Hip Hop Abs on her own), but she was kind of down for not "sticking to her diet." To be honest, a part of me completely freaked out during this conversation - DIET? I didn't EVER want that word coming out of my little sister's mouth! She's 13 for crying out loud, and she's growing! Not to mention, she's perfect as far as I'm concerned. I assured Brooke it's that time of year, and we're all splurging. It's normal. And more importantly, it's OK.

I talked with my friend at work about it and she suggested I encourage Brooke to focus on health, not weight loss - amen to that! Ultimately, too, I think it's most important none of us beat up on ourselves and rather, enjoy our wonderful lives and the wonderful foods in them. Even those of us who are focused on health (not weight loss) can't be so focused we miss out on the fun in life and the holidays.

So cheers to cookies friends!

What are your thoughts on dieting during the holidays?

Do you get a real Christmas tree, or fake one?