Friday faves

Fashion Friday: Customize Reebok Shoes

It's FRRRRRRIDAY! That's how I feel today! Super excited that it's FRIDAY, the weekend is upon us, and Monday is a holiday! Woo hoo! I'm already planning out the days to get in everything I want to do, like meal prep, crossfit, and some picture-taking for the blog!  I'm also pretty excited because I think Fit for a Bride had a fabulous week! There was the interview with Gina about giving up sugar on Monday, and our citrus chicken recipe with Kit yesterday; not to mention a beautiful real engagement and real wedding! As you can see, I'm not holding anything back anymore! I have a lot of content stored up and I'm letting it loose!

You might notice a few small changes on the blog, too. I've added buttons on my sidebar so that you can easily get to posts about crossfit, my weight loss journey, and salad club! This blog is a constant work in progress - I'm always tweaking it - so please let me know if you say a change you really like or don't (wink wink, Kristy)!



Victoria Secret T-Shirt  / Reebok Shorts & Sneakers /  H&M Sports Bra / WOD Authority Socks

Did you hear that you can customize Reebok shoes now? I want a pair!

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you off on Monday?

Shop: Fit for a Bride Apparel (Coming Soon)

Morning loves! Happy Friday!

This week, I have something a little different for our "fashion Fridays."

Check out these apparel mock-ups I created for the soon-to-be Fit for a Bride shop! Eek!


FFAB-Tank-1FFAB-Tank  FFAB-T-Shirt

When I started this blog I knew that eventually there would be at least three parts to the FFAB brand: blog, shop, and bootcamp. Of course, these things take time and I'm not a hurry, but it's really fun to brainstorm and play in Photoshop ways to make these dreams a reality! Of course, I'm dying to know what you think and if this is something you'd buy! Please leave a comment and let me know which of these is your favorite and what other pieces you'd like to see offered!

Bootcamp T-ShirtWhat kind of apparel would you like to see sold? 

Are there any phrases you'd like to see on tanks and tees from Fit for a Bride?

I can't wait to hear what you guys think!!