Fashion Friday: My Protein Shake Tank

Hey guys! Happy Friday! And when I say happy, I mean HAPPY! I'm really beginning to appreciate the weekend since changing jobs- I have a much fuller week and it's exhausting! This morning when I heard "It's FRRRRRRRRRRRIDAY!" on the radio, an instant smile came across my face: ah, yes, it's finally Friday! Oh and by the way... last night when I got home, I fully expected Aaron to be at class (that's where he said he was) but he surprised me and was waiting there with flowers and dinner reservations! Awwww! We had a lovely meal at a local Italian restaurant and when we got home, did some small sweet things for each other: I walked the dog (Aaron's usual evening task) and he baked me cookies! :) (It was his first time baking cookies - shocking, I know!) Anyway, it was a nice night!

In other news, this week's posts did not go as planned. I'm working on an article about protein powder I had wanted to share but it still needs editing... In the meantime, I'm hoping this protein shake tank will suffice! :) Also, I wanted to share some good weekend reads and recipes!

And then there's this awesome My Protein Shake Tank from Etsy:


I hear the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, who is going downtown to check them out? If the weather is as nice this weekend as it is today, I might!

What are your plans for the weekend?