Fashion Friday: Just Chillin

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Is anyone else already suffering post-CrossFit-Open blues? I saw an update on the CrossFit Facebook page that said "Thursdays just aren't the same," and it's so true! My usual CrossFit Opening viewing party was non-existent last night and I woke up feeling a little sad this morning that I didn't have a CrossFit competition to attend this weekend! Is it just me?? Are you missing it already too?

Well, on the upside, I could use a weekend of just chillin! A weekend in these dugs sounds so nice right about now! It's been a long work week and even though we've been waiting and waiting for spring to finally bloom in DC (I'm still not sure we're there), I feel a bit behind on everything: spring cleaning, April goals, and other stuff! I hope to take some time this weekend to get on the ball!


One thing I have been on top of is this week's challenge to keep a food diary: I'm on a 5-day streak! Woo hoo! And, I'm actually enjoying using MyFitnessPal again and making a habit out of logging my meals! Is that weird or what?

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.08.22 PMDon't forget you can shop the clothes in this week's roundup below!

Now, tell me: how are you doing with this week's challenge?Β 

What are your plans for the weekend?