August At-Home Ab Exercises

Good morning! Happy First of August!

Can you believe we're already nearing the end of summer? I can't! But, I also love this time of year, with back to school and fall right around the corner! 

As you can see from the "calendar" below, this month's challenge is ABS! Yes, abs! Let's get these bellies in order, ladies! The idea is to do each set of three exercises each night (or morning) and put an intentional focus on strengthening your core. Need some incentative? Here's 5 Great Reasons to Strengthen Your Core.

Here's my reasons for embarking on this challenge:

1.) Back Pain: I've been having pretty serious backpain, probably from sitting (hunching) at a desk all day. 

2.) Stability During Other Exercises: It's so important to stay stable during exercises like burpees and with olypmic lifts, like the clean and jerk. I've never been intentional in strengthening this part of my body, but by doing so, I hope to improve my stability during other exercises. 

3.) I Want Abs. Duh! So, yeah, there's some vanity involved in this too! I definitely want a better looking stomach. I've never been satisfied with the way my stomach looks, but again, but I've never been intentional in working on it either.

Here's how it works: Print the graphic below. Hang it at home. Each day, as you complete the required set, initial over the day of the week (or throw a checkmark up there). Easy peasy!  Who's in?


Will you have abs by the end of the month? Probably not. But, keep in mind, that's dependent on a lot more than just these few exercises. It's important to eat clean, watch your sodium (and sugar) intake, and drink lots of water. And don't underestimate the power of routine! If you get into the habit of doing crunches during your nightly TV rotation, eventually, you will see results!

If you need to see examples of the exercise, click the links below:

Week 1

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

*I hope to demonstrate and provide pictures of them too, next week!

Let me know if you're doing this challenge so I can encourage you!

Let's do this, August! Woo hoo!