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Sara & Steve

Forget the First Dance, this Couple Wanted to Workout!

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Structured plans to prepare your mind + body for the big day.

Don't get bogged down with décor and budget decisions. Focus on being well in the months leading up to your wedding and lay the foundation for a healthier ever after. Fit for a Bride Wedding Fitness Guides set forth a clear and simple path for self-care to ensure you look and feel great on your wedding day.


3-month plan

It's crunch time - literally! You're just a few weeks shy of the wedding and you want to tone-up and feel great for the big day. Use this 3-month action plan as your guide to navigate diet, fitness and beauty routines.


6-month plan

The venue, dress and photographer are booked and you can finally focus on you: your dress, your hair and makeup, all of the above! You have clear goals in mind, but need a structure to meet them. Use the 6-month plan to make it happen!


9-month plan

Yay, you're engaged! There's no time to waste, you're ready to hit the ground running. You have some lofty pre-wedding fitness goals or, you're a total newbie to this stuff. Get on the right path early with this 9-month plan!


Sweating for the wedding? Wear this.

There's nothing like a good sweat session to get you looking and feeling great for the big day. Whether you're planning a good workout with friends beforehand, the morning of or in the weeks leading up to, why not show off your motivation with a shirt that says it all!  These shirts also make great gifts for the fit bride or swole couple in your life.


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Blog posts for the fit-minded bride


Our blog posts are for the modern, health-conscious bride. Whether it's a kombucha toast or CrossFit cake topper we love out-of-the box wedding details, crazy couples and fun twists to traditional details. Our mission to inspire brides to be well and take care of themselves in wedding planning, but we want you to plan a day that's perfectly unique to you and your love story, too. Browse our archives for fit-focused, sometimes wacky wedding planning ideas to make your wedding a one-of-a-kind celebration.



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Living healthier ever after

A wedding should never be about weight loss, but weight loss may be a part of your wellness journey; it was for me! Read about my life-long struggle with insecurity because of my weight, the bullying I experienced that shaped a self-destructive mind frame, and how health and fitness helped me overcome these hurdles in the months leading up to my wedding.


my weight loss story

Read how health and fitness took hold in my life in the months leading up to my wedding, and how its carried through into married life. 

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Recipes, workouts and wellness tips.

Because every big moment is made up of tiny moments along the way. We aim to equip your body for wedding day with healthy recipes and challenging workouts.