Sponge Bun 101

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the sock bun – it’s been all the rage lately. Personally, I love the sock bun because I think it’s very blogger chic, which is the new phrase I’m using to describe my own style, or rather, the style I want to exude.

I’ve been getting better at meshing my look with this blogger chic style I’ve made up in my mind: I’ve been wearing more lipstick, rocking some studded boots from Italy, and the sock bun is my go-to hair-do.

Except, I don’t use a sock — I use a sponge.


See, style, in general, is a bit of trial and error for me. Mostly, though I have to admit: a lot of error. And the sock bun was no exception. I did like most women and looked up how to do a sock bun on Pinterest, then I cut up a sock, and then the difficulty set in as I spent hours in the bathroom, trying to replicate the look, just for my arms to start hurting from holding them up so long! I wore the bun that day but it didn’t feel secure at all; the sock was flimsy and I swore people could SEE there was a sock in my hair (embarrassing) but, then on a random trip to Icing (accessory store) later that week I happen to notice a “hair donut” by the register. This, my friends, is the secret to the PERFECT sock bun!


The sponge, not sock has proven a much better tool for creating the desired sock-bun look and, good news: you don’t have to cut up any socks! Just pick up a donut at a nearby accessories store (or online) that matches the color of your hair whether it’s black, blonde, or brown.


Next, put your hair in a pony tail. Then put your pony tail through the sponge and slide it to the base.


Now, you can go about this several different ways but I separate my hair into sections and begin wrapping the sections around the sponge and tucking them underneath.


Now use bobby pins to tuck and secure the sponge into place.




Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect! (My motto is that it just has to be big!)


If you have bangs like me, the next step is to flat iron them down…


Then hair spray it all into place…

Hair-SpraySONY DSC

Ta da! Your sponge bun is good to go! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on this hair style. I love that it looks very put together and professional, but little do people know, it’s super easy to do!


Oh and by the way, Rocky loves this look on you!


And because I’m a stickler for Pinterest tutorials and love to have quick references, here’s a condensed version of this guide!


Do you have a favorite hairstyle that you like to wear? 

  • Maria Angelique

    Love it! I have short hair but I am hoping my hair will be long for my wedding next year! This looks super cute on you!

    • Sara

      Thanks Maria! It’s a fun and easy go-to hairstyle for those of us with longer locks! Some days I wish I had short hair cause it’s less hassle! Haha.

  • Kristie W

    Great step by step tutorial. I’ve got it pinned in case I ever let my hair grow long again!

  • Sara Burnett

    Love this! Definitely trying it.