The CrossFit Games & My Summer Bucket List

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend?

Mine was wonderful! It was very low-key, which I love! We spent a lot of time in front of our TV, actually, watching the CrossFit Games. I was super excited to see Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (pictured below) win it for the women.  She was the first CrossFitter to ever grace the cover of Oxygen Magazine, one of my favorites for fitness reads!

CamilleIt’s actually kind of ironic because the article about her was in the July 2013 issue of Oxygen, which was right around the time Aaron and I started CrossFit! I remember soaking in every word, and thinking it was the coolest coincidence ever!

Oh and I would be remissed not to mention Rich Froning! I was shocked to see him win for the FOURTH year in a row. How incredible is he? If you want a glimpse, I suggest you watch the event “Quick & Dirty” where he does four 20-foot rope climbs and three 250 lb overhead squats in less than a minute in a half! Incredible!

So, obviously, all this CrossFit made me want to do more CrossFit! Lol. Luckily, I did get in some good workouts this weekend! Saturday was a partner WOD:

In Teams of Two*:
Complete 400 m Runs simultaneously with:
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
5 Pullups
10 Hand-Release Pushups
15 Air Squats

*Partner 1 runs 400 m while Partner 2 completes AMRAP. When Partner 1 returns from run, they pick up where Partner 2 left off while Partner 1 completes AMRAP.

I absolutely loved teaming up with Aaron! We got 15 rounds and 27 reps; we wanted to get 20 rounds in but I was happy with our score, especially because we did the workout Rx, meaning, I did all kipping pull-ups! (No bands! Woo hoo!)

On Sunday I did a workout that I missed on Thursday:

3 Rounds of:
1000 m Row
20 Lateral Over-the-Bar Burpees
20 Push Press (115/75)

It. was. tough. During the last round, especially, everything felt so hard! The last few push presses were brutal! I had 10 left when the coached yelled for me to “finish in under 27!” It was 26:30 on the clock and somehow – I don’t know how! – I threw up 10 consecutive presses and finished in 26:56! Then I assumed the usual post-WOD position: laid out on the floor! Haha. I was so happy I got that extra push from our coach for the last ten reps, though! Sometimes it just takes someone yelling at you to keep going to know that you can keep going!

Having such a low-key weekend reminded me how carefree summer should be. We often feel bogged down with work and weekend obligations; this summer has been especially busy for me with work. But, summer is just a few months long and we really ought to enjoy it, right?

This picture of Aaron with our gorgeous little god daughter is the perfect depiction of a perfect summer day, spent the day relaxing by the pool!

Summer Bucket List


Friday Link Love

Good morning and Happy Friday! I’m in an especially good mood today because, well, it’s been an awesome week for the blog! Introducing our first fit bride blogger, Cherie (hey girl!), Karlye wrapping up her Elements classes, and a kick-ass CrossFit engagement Monday! Phew! I love full weeks like this! There’s also plenty of link love to go around this week:

(C) 2013 | Haley Sheffield |

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And, I’m currently obsessing over these Workplace Wednesday posts on Ann-Marie Loves! I just discovered this blog but I’m already addicted.

I’m also excited because I have no plans this weekend. Our weekends have been loaded lately with lots of travel and obligations to family and friends. This weekend is a freebie and I plan to live it up! (Freebie weekends for me usually mean “time for blogging!” Yay!)

What are your weekend plans? 

Any good reads from around the web this week that I missed? 

Photographer: Haley Sheffield / Flowers: Amy Osaba / Image via Of Hearth & Home

Introducing Cherie: Our First Fit Bride Blogger!

Guys. Today is a really big day! Remember back a few weeks ago when I announced Fit for a Bride was accepting applications for a fit bride blogger? Well, a sweet girl named Cherie poured her fitness-loving heart out in an email to me and when I saw a.) how adorable she was and b.) that she was a CrossFitter, her fate as the first-ever FFAB blogger was sealed! Welcome aboard Cherie! 


A few basic facts about the Miss, soon-to-be Mrs. Cherie: 

City & State: Augusta, Georgia

Age & Occupation: 21, Full Time Student, Bootcamp Instructor, & Blogger

Fiance’s Age & Occupation: Lee, 23, Sales Manager

Engagement Date: June 16, 2014

Wedding Day: May 2015

Venue: Kings Plow Arts Center by Bold American Events (This is still tentative, but hopefully a-go!)

About Me: I’m a full-time student and full-time fitness enthusiast! I start most days with a dose of CrossFit, a cup of Starbucks, and a whole lot of Jesus! I’m recently engaged to the most amazing man, Lee and we are tying the knot May 2015. I have a heart for hand-lettering and stomach for macaroons (shhh!). My journey of fitness has always had a starting point but never an end point. I’m on a mission to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both mind and body, throughout this season of life my fiance and I like to call, “adventure planning!”

Now everyone, all together now… WELCOME CHERIE!!! 

Hello lovelies!

I’m Cherie from Waiting on Wildflowers, a little ol’ blog with giant aspirations. My friends and family call me a “health freak,” but I like to see it more as a heart for honoring and respecting this God-given body. I’ve been on quite the journey over the past few years, but nothing can compare to the current season of my life: engagement! I met my man, Lee, just over 4 years ago while in high school. What started off as your not-so-average friendship led to a long distance relationship that has found itself on a brand new adventure.

Early one morning L. picked me up for a surprise trip to Charleston – what I didn’t know was that later that day I would be accepting his offer to become his wife! We’ve wasted no time with the planning process. We’ve picked out a venue, called on our wedding party, and I even found my gown!

Every bride knows that nothing sounds more appealing that feeling and looking her best on her big day. What an honor it is to join the FFAB team to give fellow brides tips and encouragement to accomplish that feeling. I’ll be popping in here and there on FFAB to give you my advice on how to balance a healthy lifestyle with stress-free planning. There’s no doubt the road will have it’s challenges, but let’s run this race together. What do you say, beautiful?

Waiting on Wildflowers

You guys can expect to hear from Cherie again next Thursday and then once-a-week after that! I’m super excited to have her as a regular contributor and hope you enjoy following her journey! Feel free to follow a little closer via her blog or Instagram @waitingonwildflowers!

Anna & Scott’s Black, White, & Gold Ballroom Wedding

Sometimes I think about what I would do differently if we got to redo our wedding day, and in those thoughts I almost always gravitate toward a black and white theme, lots of candle light, and a more form-fitting gown. Oh, to be able to go back! :)

Luckily I can live vicariously through the gorgeous real weddings I receive through TwoBrightLights! And this black, white and gold wedding is as classy and beautiful as they come! The Paxton Ballroom in Omaha, Nebraska makes for the most extraordinary ballroom wedding, leaving nothing left to be desired! The pops of cranberry, black and white stripes, and balloons escort cards are all festive, unique touches. And I think it goes without saying, Anna is a stunning bride!

Here’s a few words from Rife Ponce Photography:

Throughout the day I heard people say how kind, giving, reliable, and fun they are-cherished friends to so many around them. They’re a couple that are great individuals, but even better together! Congrats Anna and Scott!

Rife Ponce PhotographyRife Ponce Photography2014-06-14_0099 Rife Ponce Photography2014-06-14_0078

Rife Ponce Photography Rife Ponce Photography


Fit Mom, Karlye // Two Things I Love About CrossFit So Far

Fit-Mom-MonikerGuys! Guess what?? I’m more than halfway through my Crossfit Elements classes at CFSS!! I can’t believe it! The last two weeks have really flown by. Do you know the best (and possibly the scariest) part of being halfway through Elements? Now we are allowed to attend real WODs outside of Elements… as many as we want… UNLIMITED for the next two weeks! Doesn’t that sound like an amazing deal?! In reality, for me that just means I’ll be adding in a third class every week. We’re already working pretty hard during our Elements classes on Monday and Wednesday nights; this girl needs time to recover. So, last week I let my body recover on Thursday and Friday and then attended my very first regular WOD on Saturday morning. It.was.tough! It was a 20 minute AMRAP of deadlifts, burpees, and box jumps. Thankfully it was a partner WOD, so I had some time to rest in between rounds. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for deadlifts, so clearly those were my favorite part. But, it was incredibly hard for me to bust out those burpees and box jumps, which slowed me down a lot. As a result, my partner and I didn’t get as many rounds in as all the other groups, but I was proud of myself for making it through and finishing. Yay, me!

Now that I’m more than halfway through my Elements classes, I also want to share two of my favorite things about Crossfit so far.


The coaching that I’ve received from Josh has been amazing since day one. When Josh teaches us an exercise, he never asks if anyone has done it before. He always teaches us all the same, movement by movement, as if we are all beginners. That might seem irritating to some people who have a bit of experience with certain CrossFit moves, but I really appreciate that approach. Just because you have done something before doesn’t mean you were doing it right. Every time Josh has taught us a new exercise, I have learned something, even with things I have done a million times in the gym. First, he has us perform different stretches and movements to prepare our body for the actions it needs to perform to efficiently execute the exercise. He really takes the time to break every movement down and show us what our body should be doing during each phase of the movement. He also takes the time to explain WHY we are standing, moving, pulling, or pushing one way as opposed to another. In a nutshell, the purpose is always safety and efficiency, but having someone explain to me exactly why I should be doing this rather than doing that helps make me more aware of my form throughout different exercises. The coaching has definitely been invaluable. Although CrossFit is expensive in comparison to most conventional gyms, I definitely believe it is worth every penny.


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