About Fit for a Bride

What do weddings and CrossFit have in common?


Here, we believe in bringing a little sweat to the sparkly world of weddings. We believe healthy should be part of your happily ever after.

Hi, I'm Sara and my first introduction to fitness was my wedding. I started this blog to share insights into getting fit for my big day as I tried new workouts and healthy recipes.

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Eventually I landed on CrossFit and was lucky my hubby loved it too. Through this blog we've formed a community with other CrossFitters, banded by a love for each other and all things fitness.

Being married now, no longer a bride, and the mom to a miracle boy, my longing to keep my mental and physical health in shape has never ceased. Thus, this blog has morphed into a mashup of inspiration for women going through any kind of life milestone.

So, whether you’re a bride-to-be wanting to whip into shape for your big day or a newlywed seeking to make fitness a part of your life, I hope you'll find resources and inspiration here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Image by Katie Nesbitt for Southern Weddings.

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