Fit Mom, Karlye // Kids & Sports

Fit-Mom-MonikerDo you guys remember how active you were as a kid?

I grew up in the country and we played outside all.the.time. All the kids in the neighborhood would get together and play basketball, softball, and hide’n go seek. We rode bikes, went rollerblading, and pretended to be professional gymnasts as we flipped through the air. We were always running, always moving. Well, times have changed and so has my location. Living so close to a city during a time when child abductions and assaults are constantly in the news, I definitely don’t feel comfortable allowing Dev to run around unsupervised with the neighborhood kids like I did when I was little. We also don’t have a backyard because we live in an apartment, so while I’m cooking or doing things around the house, he’s usually sitting on his butt watching Netflix. Luckily, we do have several parks within walking distance that we often visit when we get home at the end of the day. But with the change in seasons and the days getting shorter, we won’t be able to do that much longer. And that’s where sports come in!

Although I played outside a lot as a small kid, as I got older, I spent most of my time hanging out with my friends indoors. I always wished that my mom would have put me in sports when I was younger so that I would have been more athletic during my pre-teen and teen years. With childhood obesity becoming more and more of a problem in America and kids playing less and less outside, I think it’s that much more important for me to expose Devin to different sports. Our town has a soccer league that Devin has participated in for a couple years now. It’s not anything too serious for his age group, but it allows him to get in some great exercise on Saturdays. Recently, I also signed him up for flag football and basketball after school. These are more like little clubs that meet one day a week—football on Wednesdays and basketball on Fridays. The clubs are offered twice a year and meet for 10 classes each semester, so it’s not a huge commitment. I like that he’ll learn how to play two new sports and he has a reason to be more active throughout the week. He’s really excited about these clubs and even expressed some interest in trying out karate next semester!

Aside from keeping our kids active, sports also teach them values and life lessons that stay with them as they grow into responsible adults. Discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship are just a few of these values I’m happy Devin has already started to learn through soccer. #proudmom

I can’t wait to see what else he learns through his new activities!

Did you play sports as a kid?

If so, what do you think the benefits were?

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How to Use the MyFitnessPal App to Track Macros & Lose Weight

Hey friends! Happy Monday!

I’ve been meaning to share this post for awhile!

You might remember my mention of an 8-week weight loss challenge I did with friends this summer. I shared how successful it was, and personally, how it was one of the first challenges I’ve ever stuck with till the very end!

Why was this challenge a success?

The number one reason I believe I was successful is because I started tracking my macronutrients using MyFitnessPal.

Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. They are the nutrients that compose the various foods we eat. Obviously, not all foods are created equal; some have a lot of carbohydrates and others a lot of protein; some foods have no protein or carbohydrates at all.


I first heard of “counting macros,” on Instagram. I stumbled on a company that provides macro breakdowns, meal plans, and support for body builders, CrossFitters, and other people looking to improve their nutrition profile. It was an expensive service but I told Aaron about it because I was intrigued. He was too so we decided to employ the technique ourselves and test it out.

Second reason I was successful is because I someone (Aaron) doing this with me!

We both got on the If it Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) website and punched out information into the calculator – activity level, body mass index, and our goals: weight loss, aggressive weight loss, or maintain. From that I got a nutrition profile or suggested breakdown of exactly how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat I should aim to consume each day.

The nutrition breakdown I received seemed very reasonable to me. My breakdown is about 1,600 calories with 100 grams of carbs, 150 grams of protein and 62 grams of fat. It’s low carb but not carb-free (you can chose a carb-free approach if you want) and I like that fact that it doesn’t eliminate anything from my diet. I struggle with restrictive diets (such as paleo) because I think they’re hard to maintain long-term. I love Greek yogurt and every once in a while you’re gonna have a “bad” food like pizza or cake. We all do it!

What I like about counting macros is that you CAN have those foods as long as you track them and anything else accordingly.

The only real surprising aspect of my nutrition profile was the amount of recommended protein: 150 grams! That was a huge change to my usual eating habits but one I think has really paid off!

At first, meeting my macros seemed impossible! So. much. protein. Haha. But, I’ve gotten a lot better at it. I drink a lot more protein shakes now; I almost always have one within 30 minutes of working out and I use a scoop in a half now instead of just one scoop.

Of course, consuming more protein means I have to pay attention to the protein I’m consuming. For awhile we used the CytoSport Chocolate 100% Whey Protein (sold at Costco and DELICIOUS when blended with a frozen banana!) but recently we’ve started to experiment with pea and vegan protein.


Brittany & Derek’s Totally Fitness Themed Wedding

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

I’m spending the day sorting blog content to prepare for the week and I’ve decided to use Sunday as a day to share real weddings and engagements — I have quite a few I’ve been holding onto for awhile, and can’t wait a second longer to share!

Meet Brittany & Derek — a couple who agrees fitness is their first love!


A note from the bride, Brittany, sharing how her and Derrick first met:

Back in January of 2011, I had just moved to Beckley, California and joined LA East, a local gym. One day I was minding my own business just lifting weights in the back room (where not many females ventured) and caught Derrick’s eye. He attempted to talk to me a few times, but was very shy. And from what I’m told by his family – stalked me on Facebook trying to find out about me!

I’ll never forget one day when I was at the water fountain he mentioned my 4Runner and I called him a creeper for knowing what I drove, haha! So along comes February and he asks me to be his gym valentine, and I just laughed it off. Well, then came the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH – a big fitness expo – that I was going to with a girlfriend and he was going as well. Derrick ended up staying in the same hotel as us and tried to hang out but I had no time for him, Lol. I def played hard to get!

So when we got back to Beckley he asked to take me to dinner and I movie and I finally said yes. It was a great evening. A few nights later he came over for dinner and just never left hahaha so it’s history from there…. He is my swolemate. Our date nights consist of going to the gym together!


Fitness Theme WeddingDrake_Martin_Ampd_Photography_AMP0400_low
Fitness Theme Wedding
Fitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme WeddingFitness Theme Wedding

I absolutely LOVE this photobooth – what a blast!


Brittany and Derek’s fitness themed wedding made an impression on their photographer, Donna of Ampd Photography. Here’s what she had to say about the couple:

Brittany & Derrick eat, sleep, and breathe the gym! They met back in January of 2011 at LA East, a local gym. And even today, their date nights consist of going to the gym together! Brittany says, ‘It’s amazing to have a partner with the same goals and interests and it helps push and motivate you to be your best. Exercise is just as natural to us as breathing – it’s what we love to do and fell in love with each other doing it.’

Check out more photos from Brittany and Derek’s big day below the jump.


Fit Bride, Cherie // Make Sure You’re Having Fun

CHERIE-3Hey ladies! Happy Friday eve!

Over the weekend, L. and I had an awesome opportunity to meet with our wedding planner; the person kind, of course. Elena of Laurel Avenue Events + Design gave us the sweetest consultation in which she made us get down to the nitty gritty details on not just wedding stuff, but our love for one another as well. It was such a good experience to be able to get on a deeper level of looking back on where we came from as well as where we are headed. It helped us to realize that while season of engagement is fun “planning” wise it is all pretty amazing, relationship wise. We took that to heart this weekend and did the things that we love to do. We hope that you to heart our five tips for having fun while engaged and incorporate them in your own relationship!

Check out the best ways to make sure you have fun on this wild ride called wedding planning!

#1 /// Do something he likes. I think it’s super easy for we ladies to get comfortable in the guy letting us go where and do what we want to – flip the coin and do his favorite thing for the day – compromise and respect for one another is always key.


#2 /// Do something unexpected. For part of the day, I found myself stressing over everything that had to be done – to remind ourselves that something awesome was well on it’s way, we snuck into our venue. It was the perfect combination of troublemaking (without the law) and adventure.


Fit Mom, Karlye // Pushing for Progress

Fit-Mom-MonikerHi, guys! Last week I told you about my SMART goals. On Monday I found myself in a situation that reminded me of how much I really need to push myself to make progress and meet those goals.

I drove home to PA this past weekend for my mom’s 60th birthday. I had planned to go to Crossfit Saturday morning before I got on the road, but that didn’t happen. I spent the rest of the weekend eating things that I most definitely did not need to eat. Everything tasted so delicious going down, but by the time we left to head back home, I felt awful. My stomach was aching and I was so disappointed in the decisions I had made that weekend, including the decision to not wake up early enough to at least kick off my weekend with a great workout.

Before I went to bed on Sunday night, I checked my box’s blog to see what the Monday WOD would be—ball slams and BURPEES! Ugh, I wasn’t excited about the burpees, but I knew I needed to make sure my butt made it to a class the next day. Plus, I was off on Monday and, therefore, had zero excuses.

The next morning, I took Dev to school and considered going to the new 12 p.m. time slot for Monday classes. I decided to just wait until the 6:30 p.m. class I usually go to because I had a lot of errands to run and I thought Dev might have been disappointed if he didn’t get to go to the gym with me. You know, because he seems to think we go there for HIM to workout. Lol I put together a healthy snack for Dev to eat in the car to avoid any meltdowns and headed out around 5:45 to go pick him. I left with plenty of time to get to the 6:30 class, but it seemed as though the universe was against me! After getting stuck in traffic and then having to drive completely out of the way because I couldn’t make the left turn I needed to make, I knew there was no way I was going to get there in time.


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