Fit Bride, Cherie // Unique Detox Tips for the Best Day Ever

CHERIE-3After skimming an article on Spark People about detoxing the smart way – I thought I would apply a few of the tricks of the trade to my own healthy living habits. I feel like detoxes that include cinnamon water (ew) and a lack of solid food for 5 days make my mind and tummy uneasy. Let’s be real, you won’t be able to live normally or even leave the sight of a bathroom!

Fortunately for us, there are far more healthy detox options that not only clean up your insides but your emotional health as well. Here they are!


I’m still 9 months out from the wedding, and I’m already feeling the pressure of fitting effortlessly into my custom gown. With all eyes on the bride, including his, taking care of yourself and your body seems to come into center play as soon as you begin prepping for that big day! Rather than put myself on crazy diets and deprive myself of enjoying events like engagement parties and bridal showers, I plan on sticking to these quick and easy detox tips to keep the glow all the way up to my wedding day.


Fit Mom, Karlye // It Hurts So Good

Fit-Mom-MonikerDue to some unforeseen circumstances (aka LIFE), I had to take about two weeks off from CrossFit.  Being away was like torture and I couldn’t wait to step back into my box this past Saturday.  As soon as I turned onto the street and saw people pushing sleds up the hill, I got super excited.  I must have REALLY missed CrossFit if I was excited about sled pushes! Hahaha

Public Service Announcement:  Do not take a week or more off from CrossFit.  I repeat, DO NOT take a week or more off from CrossFit!

Let me tell you, going back to CrossFit after a long time away is no joke!  I was struggling and I agitated my right shoulder during the WOD.  I’ve had issues with this shoulder off and on for a few years now and still have not had it checked out by a professional.  Tisk, tisk… I know.  Coach Josh tweaked the WOD for me so that I could give my shoulder some rest, and Dev completed the workout right by my side while offering words of encouragement the entire time.  I love that kid!

After class, Dev and I went to grab some breakfast/lunch and ended up at a farmer’s market.  The smell of fresh produce in the warm summer air was divine.  And the colors!  The rainbow of food was so pretty; I had to resist buying everything!  I decided morning CrossFit followed by a trip to the farmer’s market was going to be our new Saturday tradition.



CrossFit Couple Workouts

I’m working on a special project with a photographer friend that will depict a pre-wedding CrossFit-style workout for the bride, groom and entire wedding party; it’s going to be awesome!

As part of that I’ve been brainstorming workouts and CrossFit moves that relate to marriage, a wedding, and couples and it’s seriously a fun exercise! (Haha. Get it? Oh, how I love the puns!)

So, whether you’re planning a pre-wedding workout, couples workout or actual wedding WOD, consider any of these awesome approaches to making working out, wedding-relevant!

WOD 1 “The proposal”

Cause he got on bended knee to pop the question! 

Now you’ll both be doing knee taps with alternating lunges across the gym (10 meters each way) carrying a bumper plate and building a “cake” on the other end!

  • Men (stack three 45 lb plates, two 15 lb plates, two 10 lb plates, two 5 lb plates, and one baby 1 pounder)
  • Women (stack three 25 lb plates, two 10 lb plates, two 5 lb plates, two 2.5 lb plates, and one baby 1 pounder)

Lunge in both directions, one direction carrying a plate that you leave stacked at one end, and one direction empty handed (on the way back).

WOD 2 “[Med]ball and Chain”

The old ball and chain! 

Therefore, with a partner:

  • Run 400 meters with a medball (14 lbs); switch at the 200 m mark
  • 10 medball chest passes
  • 10 medball overhead passes
  • 10 over-your-partner burpees while they hold a medball plank
  • Switch and repeat burpee/plank combo
  • 10 wall balls with the medball (one throws the ball up, the other catches)
  • 10 medball situp passes
  • Run 400 meters with a medball (14 lbs); switch at the 200 m mark

Repeat three times for a serious workout!

WOD 3 “Teamwork”

A married couple must be able to work together!

Like a three-legged race, tie your legs together and perform the following stationary exercises:

  • 20 push-ups
  • 20 pull-ups
  • 20 air squats
  • 20 step-ups
  • 20 sit-ups

For a good laugh, you could try to complete a burpee together!

Also, check out the graphic below of movements that you can correlate to aspects of marriage below! Use these to create your own wedding WOD!


Are you planning a pre-wedding or wedding WOD? 

What CrossFit moves would you say have to do with marriage? 

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