Fashion Friday: Feyoncé Style

Hey, hey! Happy Friday!

I’m headed out of town tonight to attend my sister-in-law’s engagement party in Williamsburg tomorrow. She got engaged last Christmas so this party has been a long time coming!

For the event she purchased this off-the-shoulder sweater that says Feyoncé from Etsy — I die! This is seriously the cutest top, ever and it makes me sad I’m not engaged anymore and have no excuse to wear it!

BridetobeStyleSports Bra | Nike Zoom Fly Sneakers | Feyoncé sweater | Athleta Leggings

Of course, paired with these black and berry nikes, you’ll definitely look the part of a fit bride! (And one with great musical taste, too!)

What are your favorite bride tanks and tops? 

Weekend plans?

Whole30 Meal Plan & Grocery List Printables

Nothing gets me pumped about meal planning like a pretty printable so, I created this pink planning document to write out my first week’s meals during the Whole30.

Whole30 Meal Plan

I like to write out my groceries and what I need to prep after I write out my meal plan so I created this grocery list, too!

Whole30 Grocery List

You’ll notice I didn’t put Sunday on the meal planning document because I lusually go grocery shopping on Sunday! It’s also impossible to plan out every single meal for a full seven days so I like to leave at least one day open!

Will these docs get you excited to meal plan? Download them!

These links open into PDFs:

>> Whole30 Meal Plan + Whole30 Grocery List <<

Both files are 8×10 so all you have to do is click ‘em and print ‘em!

I’m still working on filling everything in. In fact, I need to edit my ideas at this point. I found a lot of great recipes on Pinterest (see them here) and I need to narrow them down.

In fact, I need to make week one as simple as possible! We’re traveling out of town this weekend and probably won’t get home until late Sunday night. I plan to shop on the way home and prep what I can that night, but it’s definitely going to be tricky! I’d love to hear your ideas for a last minute prep! 

Do you like to use meal planners?

Do you write out your meals and/or your grocery list?  

Be FFAB! Workout of the Week II

100 Burpees for Time

I know.

This is insane.

It really is.

And, even if you don’t already despise burpees (which, chances are you do!), you will likely despise them after this. That’s what happened to me… This exact workout was on the programming at my box a few months ago and I walked in excited and walked out totally whooped! I vividly remember feeling winded at 30, and panicking a little thinking “I’m not going to make it!” Of course I did but two days later I could hardly move my arms! Sign of a good workout, or insanity? You be the judge! :)

Yesterday, Karlye and had a similar reaction to this workout we did yesterday (another one from the programming at my box):

10 Thrusters
10 Over-the-bar burpees
8 Thrusters
8 Over-the-bar burpees
6 Thrusters
6 Over-the-bar burpees
4 Thrusters
4 Over-the-bar burpees
2 Thrusters
2 Over-the-bar burpees

Of course neither of “enjoyed” the burpees, but we did enjoy getting in a really good workout in less than 10 minutes! That’s the beauty of burpees, right? No equipment needed, explosive and the perfect OMG-my-heart-rate-is-up movement, to make even the shortest workout feel tough!

So, how about giving it a try? If 100 seems way out of your league, try just 50 or 25. Don’t forget to time yourself, too, so you can retest in a few months and see if you’re any faster!

Do you hate burpees? 

Have you ever done 50 or 100 burpees for time? 


The other day a friend texted me the photo on the left…


I hardly recognized myself.




That was me. That was seriously me! Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and you can’t see it in this photo but I’m holding a Mad Dog 22! What a path I was on! I am so thankful I got into fitness, quit smoking and starting taking care of my body. It’s crazy to imagine the girl on the left even doing a single burpee! Now I’m doing rope climbs and handstands. It feels great and I’m never going back.

Thanks for the photo, Tiff!

Are there any embarrassing photos of you that have popped up from the past? 

Do you ever look back and not recognize yourself in old pictures? 

Shop Instagram with

YScreen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.44.04 PMou guys know I like to do round-ups of workout clothes for Fashion Fridays, and I’ve shared a little about my own wardrobe woes, wanting to dress better, both in and out of the gym.

Well, I recently discovered a cool app that makes shopping a breeze and, I can do it through one of my favorite and frequently used apps, Instagram!

When you sign-up with you get the scoop on where to buy items pictured in a post shared by a participant!

For example, I could post a photo of my purse, tag Kate Spade, and, if I’m signed up with, give you instant access to shop that same purse with just a click of a button! Pretty neat, huh?

You can log into your account on to shop all Liketoknow photos, but they’ve gone a step further and made shopping Instagram even easier by sending you an email with direct links to the items in any image you’ve liked on Instagram that day!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.44.25 PMDid you catch that?

Like the photo. Get an email. Shop!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.46.26 PM

I follow some pretty fashionable ladies on IG and I’m excited to have direct access to their wardrobes, and the items I often look at with envy! I love that there’s some budget savvy fashionistas out there, too!

Here are a few of my favorite instagrammers:

I love how Instagram is becoming like a mini blog world, with mini posts from ‘bloggers’ or frequent posters; there’s photo styling and a lot of personality and now, it’s even involving big brands– it’s a whole new wave of digital marketing! It’s kind of amazing how fast and furious the digital world is, huh?

I think anyone can use whether you’re posting to Instagram or shopping Instagram. I’d probably need to be a little more fashionable to start directing people to shop my posts, but nonetheless, I think this is a pretty neat idea, especially for fashion bloggers.

Have you heard of

Do you follow any fashionable Instagrammers?

Do you ever see Instagram photos you’d like to shop?

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